Sunday, 16 February 2014


I have recently been making my own dry washing powder and originally only managed to get a 500 gram bag from Amazon (for £5 ) but I've been surfing the web today and found that I can get much larger amounts from Inralabs if I order it directly from them which works out a fair bit cheaper off the top of my head. I ordered 4 kg for £16 which includes postage. They also sell other stuff for natural cleaning like bicarbonate of soda. Hope this helps someone.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Gang waiting for Sausage and Egg Pie.

I made Sausage and Egg pie on Sunday and while it was cooking my 3 little pooches and 2 pusses came and waited in the kitchen hoping to get some. Not a chance, it was lovely even though I say it myself. Forgot to take photo of it but above is a pic I took of The Gang on my phone whilst waiting for it to cook. Sorry about the poor quality but i'm useless at photography. I lightly fried 2 onions with 6 quorn sausages then cut the sausages up and placed in an oven dish. I whisked up 6 eggs with a splash of milk and poured this over the sausage mix, a teaspoon of Asda's Moroccan seasoning and topped with puff pastry cut from a yellow stickered ready rolled pack bought the other day.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Homemade Laundry Powder

Hello Readers. The bread that I made using AFrugalMrs' reciped did in fact turn out beautifully and tasted lovely. I think it must be leaving the yeast and water for ten minutes at the start to ferment is what makes it rise so much, the bread is trying to burst out from the lid!! I will take a photo and put it on the blog next time. I plan on using the breadmaker every day now rather than buying it from a shop and not knowing what is in it.(Preservatives and such.) Also, I know it hasn't been dropped on the floor! DD1 works in a supermarket and tells me that one member of staff, if she drops any bread on the floor, just picks it up and puts it on the shelf!! Also on Saturday, I made the laundry powder. A few weeks ago, I found the borax on Amazon, so I ordered some knowing that I was planning on trying a new recipe. I have previously made laundry gloop but I didn't like it. When I was surfing tinterweb recently, I came across several recipes for the powder. Here is the one I used: 2 cups Borax 2 Cups Washing Soda Crystals (sold in most supermarkets) 1/2 bar of soap (grated) few drops of essential oil (optional) Mix well, store in a container with lid. Use maximum of 3 tablespoons per washing load. I have tried this and it gets clothes clean but without the strong perfume that you get from shop bought washing powder. Great for allergies and kinder to the environment but I haven't worked out yet if it's cheaper than shop bought yet.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Homemade Bread in the Breadmaker

As promised, I have made a loaf using my FastBake Morphy Richards Breadmaker. I haven't used my machine for a while as we have been decorating the kitchen and I've mislaid the instruction booklet soI used a recipe from It seems to have turned out better than the recipe I usually use from the manufactures booklet but that could be because I used the 3 hour basic recipe when I usually use fastbake, but I have yet to taste it so the proof will be in the eating so to speak, but it has only just finished and is too hot at the moment. I wanted to post the photo now though before I forget and it gets eaten lol.

Car Woes and What Happened Next

I've been really busy lately and keep forgetting to blog. After the car broke down last week and finding out it was going to cost more than the car was worth, the next day I got on tinterweb to see if I could find another cheap runaround and I was lucky. I found a ford escort 5 door hatchback for £320 with a whole years MOT ticket! So I went to look at it and bought it. Fortunately I had been putting some money aside to get a new freezer. I was only without transport for a day. Since then we found that the exhaust needed looking at as it was a little loose so I popped down to the local exhaust centre and the chap put it on the ramp and said he could have a jiggle with it for £15 so I agreed. He had a tinker about for about half an hour but when it came to paying I was only charged a tenner, result. It seems better now so fingers crossed. It's the early hours now so I'm hoping sleep will be my friend(it hasn't been much lately, I'm not a good sleeper). Tomorrow (later today really lol) I am planning to concoct some laundry powder and get the breadmaker going and hopefully remember to take photos for the blog. I have all the ingredients ready to go. Night.