Monday, 3 February 2014

Homemade Laundry Powder

Hello Readers. The bread that I made using AFrugalMrs' reciped did in fact turn out beautifully and tasted lovely. I think it must be leaving the yeast and water for ten minutes at the start to ferment is what makes it rise so much, the bread is trying to burst out from the lid!! I will take a photo and put it on the blog next time. I plan on using the breadmaker every day now rather than buying it from a shop and not knowing what is in it.(Preservatives and such.) Also, I know it hasn't been dropped on the floor! DD1 works in a supermarket and tells me that one member of staff, if she drops any bread on the floor, just picks it up and puts it on the shelf!! Also on Saturday, I made the laundry powder. A few weeks ago, I found the borax on Amazon, so I ordered some knowing that I was planning on trying a new recipe. I have previously made laundry gloop but I didn't like it. When I was surfing tinterweb recently, I came across several recipes for the powder. Here is the one I used: 2 cups Borax 2 Cups Washing Soda Crystals (sold in most supermarkets) 1/2 bar of soap (grated) few drops of essential oil (optional) Mix well, store in a container with lid. Use maximum of 3 tablespoons per washing load. I have tried this and it gets clothes clean but without the strong perfume that you get from shop bought washing powder. Great for allergies and kinder to the environment but I haven't worked out yet if it's cheaper than shop bought yet.


  1. Ooh did you use my recipe? works great every time for me .. never fails :) enjoy!! Looks lovely ...Its the only recipe I ever use now
    AFM xx

  2. I've never made laundry gloop or powder, I really must give them a try