Thursday, 23 January 2014

Oh no, Car Problems

Hello Readers. On Tuesday late afternoon, I took DD 1,2 and 4 to Tesco shopping. DD1 had bought some jeans last week and when she got home, she realised the security tag hadn't been remove. Luckily she still had the receipt so that was 1 reason we went to Tesco, and also DD2 needed some hay and straw for her 3 bunnies and on the same outing I was going to pick up DD3 from work. We went and did Tesco and were just going round the roundabout outside to pick up DD3, when the car just lost power and gave up. There was an awfull smell of burning rubber and the clutch had been making a grinding noise sometimes when I tried to put it in gear. We had 1 or 2 numpties behind us tooting their horns because were holding them up can you believe it!! Luckily my daughters were able to push the car whilst I steered it into a side road by B&Q. Fortunatly I had got a deal with the AA for recovery so I gave them a call. We ended up waiting an hour and a half before the mechanic turned up to say our clutch had died. He said he couldn't tow us. DD2 didn't want to wait any longer (it was really cold and damp so I didn't blame her) We had to wait another hour and 20 minutes for the big truck to come and take us all home. We got home about 8.30! We were all so cold and tired so just ended up straight into our pjs and dressing gowns watching tv and now we are carless :( I have only had my fiesta for 10 months but I only paid £500 for it and have only had to get the door catch replaced so I suppose it has served me fairly well.

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