Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas lights

Apologies for the poor quality photos but I can only upload photos on blogger from my phone, I dont know why.
This is our tree. Excuse the washing hanging on the picture rail, this is where I dry it sometimes near the fire when I cant dry it outside.
Then the lights we hang on the living room window. And finally my eldest bought some outdoor lights and draped them on the hedge out the front garden.

Normally I have a set of lights that we hang round the room on the picture rail but I couldn't find them this year. My daughters always moan that it looks like a pub, but I love lots of fairy lights. I know it's not very eco friendly, but it's only once a year and I try to do what I can to be eco conscious the rest of the time.

Soup for 4 of us for only 34 pence!

Veg soup very cheaply made using a yellow stickered stew pack. All I added this time was some tomato puree, splash of worcester sauce and 3 basics veg stock cubes and simmered for about 25 minutes.