Sunday, 21 July 2013

My Chickens.

Here are a couple of pics of my girls :)

There are only four left now as we lost 2 to egg binding:(
They are very friendly but do like to take a gentle peck at our toes if we are wearing crocks. We think they are pretending they think our toes are worms or something:)


  1. I am always very envious of anyone who has chickens!! They are adorable and fresh eggs too!

  2. For whatever reason, we love to keep a few chickens around the farm,too. I think it is more for nostalgia than anything else. It is not cost worthy to keep them for the eggs, and we definitely do not plan to eat any of them.We set a few eggs each year to keep our flock going.We try to keep around 15 to 20 chickens. There is always one to die on occasion for various reasons.Usually from old age. The new chicks we hatch are, many times, more roosters than hens, so we give them away to neighbors.The eggs do build up at times, but we always have children or neighbors who can use the.