Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Garden Furniture

At the weekend, I came across a lady selling some wrought iron garden furniture. It consists of 2 chairs, 1 round table and a 3 seater bench and she was only asking £30 for the lot which I thought was very reasonable considering they will last for years and only need a repaint. I will get my eldest to take a 'before' pic tomorrow and put it on here, before it is painted.

A few weeks ago, I added 4 new  chickens to go with our other 2 older ones. I rescued them from a farm when they were being sold off as the farmer was downsizing. I was a bit nervous about adding 4 new girls to only 2 original girls in case they picked on the 2,  but I needn't have worried, the 2 older girls kept them in check, only allowing them to eat and drink when they had finished themselves, and eventually they all sorted themselves out.  Sadly, I have lost 2 of the new ones due to them getting egg bound! The vet told me that it is because of the breeding to make them be prolific egg layers. The first one had to be put to sleep just over a week ago, and the 2nd was today. So sad, as they had come to us virtually wild birds and had become quite tame.

This pic is one of the older girls taken on Sunday when we had the family together for a barbeque. The chicken loved being stroked on my daughter's lap and nearly fell asleep after the pic was taken.
Aint she lovely?   :) 

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  1. she looks beautiful , looks like she knows she is getting her photo taken and has her best pose on lol