Sunday, 21 July 2013

Furniture Pics and in the garden.

Here are the pics of the garden furniture I bought last week for only £30 before restoration.
Been in the garden a lot lately as there is plenty to do.

Yesterday we made a start on re-doing the chicken run. We plan on covering the floor with paving slabs  because with the dirt floor it gets so muddy with all the rain we get, and also the chickens keep digging it all up so it gets covered in potholes which we have slipped in many a time lol.

Off to the garden now but hope to blog with more pics later.

P.S. Found Harduphester's new blog yay!

It's :


  1. Are you sure it is the same Hester, the blog seems considerably different. Hope it is though, thoroughly missed her blogging.

    1. Hope it is. I know it's a different site but I think I recognise the pics of her back garden and raised beds lol.