Sunday, 3 February 2013

Frugal Dinner (on Friday night)

Pictured above is what we had on Friday night.

Below is how I cook the Quorn Fillets, (yellow stickered from the freezer):

I placed the fillets in an oven dish with carton of Passata from Aldi at about 35p, 1 tsp value mixed herbs, 1tbsp of value honey,  1 tsp of dried garlic, paprika and chilli.  Baked in the small oven for around 30 mins at 180 *
I served it with some yellow stickered sprouts bought the other day, sweetcorn and some tex mex cheesy wedgy thingys from Asda.  Empty plates all round. I had enough to serve 5 so one plate is in the fridge for lunch in a day or two.
Frugal, tasty and nourishing.

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