Thursday, 31 January 2013

Vet Bill Ripoff

Evening all.

Above is a photo of my Golden Retriever, Polly.  She is coming up to 15 next month.Thankfully she is still with us even though we didn't think she would make Christmas! She seems better with the addition of another medicine. It was getting so expensive though so I decided to look on the internet where I get the frontline and I couldn't believe the difference in price. It is 75 percent less than I have been paying with the vet!!!!!!!! I am quite disgusted that they have been charging me so much. It's taking the P**S to be honest. The vet knows you are desperate to keep your pet healthy and comfortable and charge what they like it seems to me. Mind you, I still had to pay the vets to write me out a prescription so that I could get it online!!!

She is on Trimadol and Rimadyl, and I have ordered it from Petmeds if anyone is interested.

I have finished making a fleece Wrap/Poncho and will post a photo of it next post. Bye for now.

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