Monday, 21 January 2013

My Latest Makes To Keep Us Warm, (with help from Asda).

Good Evening Readers.

Lately I have been busy making a Quilted Door Curtain for the living room.

 I bought a pack of 2 economy white towels from Asda, a tension curtain rod from The Range , and a flat sheet, (also from Asda)..  I measured the door and joined the 2 towels lengthwise. Then I cut the sheet to fit the doorway double the length, and sewed a half inch seam  round 3 sides.  turning it inside out, I sandwiched the towel inside the sheet, sewed up the remaining edge then attatched 5 tabs to the top and threaded the rod through and hung it. The room keeps a lot warmer now.

I've also made some Tied Fleece Throws.

In Asda they have really cheap fleece throws for £2 and £3 at the moment  which is cheaper than buying fleece from the local fabric shop, so I thought I would make some tied fleece throws.  So far I have made 1 for my daughter as it was her birthday last week so she has it on her bed now. It's red both sides and really warm and cosy. I also made a large green and burgundy throw for the largest settee. This cost a little more as I bought the fleeces from The Range. They were £3.99 each which is still cheaper than buying the fabric by the metre.  All I had to do was trim the hem from all round the edge of the fleece and I had over a metre of fabric to use.  I already have a use for the trimmings to make a rug and am plaiting them up and will sew them together when I have time.

Off to see if I can work out how to add photos on here again. Bye for now.


  1. What a great idea ... just love the idea with the towels. Might just have to try that.

    Vicky x

  2. that's a great and very simple idea - love froogs xxx