Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Readers!

Here's hoping it will be a prosperous one for us all.

A quick catch up, I've been lucky enough to fill a small freezer with yellow stickered food over the last couple of months which I am very pleased about.  I sometimes come out with savings of £40 and more which is brilliant as that's almost the price of a weekly shop for me!  Yesterday I popped into $esco for a few bits and came out with 6 bags for the freezer. Almost all of it was yellow stickered. Happy days.

I have several crafting projects on the go at the moment of which I hope to show you soon.  One completed project was a kit I got to make a seagrass and wood stool.  It is now in my window with my Christmas Tree on it. (photo tomorro when I get some batteries).    

I have many aims this year, but won't make any promises as I find it feels like too much pressure and then dissappointment if I fail.

My main aims are:

1.   Cut down more on spending.

2.   Seek out more bargains.

3.   Grow more variety and volume of fruit and veg in
the  garden.

4.   Look for better deals on tv, broadband, phone, gas and electric, and car insurance.

5.   Make at least 5 quilts.

6.   Try and make money from my crafting skills.

7.   Declutter more.

8.   Rearrange garden.

9.   Get all wood in the garden painted with preserver (sheds, fence etc.)

10. Finish decorating the house.

11. Try to blog more often.

12. Make the most of any opportunity that comes my way.

13. Try to make this the year we move house to The West Country.

14.  Go through all my craft materials and make some order of it  so that I can hopefully find what I want straightaway.

There will be other things I want to get done this year but I think that's enough to be going on with.

I will try my best to make all these things happen and share on this blog my efforts so wish me luck and what are your aims, ambitions or resolutions have you decided on?  Feel free to share with us.

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