Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Fruit Picking and Cycling to trim up a bit.

Today we went to 2 fruit farms and picked these beauties:

Gooseberries, Raspberries, Strawberries and Broadbeans.
The broadbeans I have hulled and frozen.
The fruit I intend to make tarts, jam and fresh with whipped cream.

Recently I bought a bike with basket and lights from one of those ads in shop windows for £20.  The woman originally wanted £25 but I waved the £20 note in front of her and she accepted.

I wouldn't buy a new bike as it's a waste of money if I can get it 2nd hand in good condition for a fraction of the price.

For a few years now I have been overweight and am always intending to eat more healthily and get a little more excercise and I started Sunday.
I usually go with my eldest and the 2 chihuahua babbas in their special doggie basket with frame lid on.
They love going 'in the basket on the bike'
Here is a photo of the doggie basket, which I think came from halfords.... it cost about £22. The green bike that it is attatched to is another bike I got from freecycle a couple of years ago.

Sorry it's not very clear but I will take another pic tomorrow complete with occupants:)

Off now for a browse on the interweb.

Monday, 25 June 2012

A busy day and Wimbledon is back, yay.

Hello Readers.

Yesterday it hammered down with rain but it was a  lovely sunny day today here in East Anglia.

As I have mentioned before I am on a decluttering mission (due to being a prolific hoarder and sentimentalist) is that a word by the way?

I have a brick shed and until a week ago it was jam packed with mostly junk so much so that we couldn't take a step in. But now I have been ruthless (for me anyway)  about 2 thirds of the stuff has gone and it is now a functioning shed. Found 2 drills! And lots of tools. What we couldn't give away, went to the tip apart from the brass ornaments which are going to the scrap yard tomorrow.

For the last week I have had an old, non working, fridge freezer (found buried in the shed) at the front of the house by the side gate and have had no end of people knocking on my door asking if they could take it for scrap to which I said no as I was taking it myself. Today we had collected old metal bits and bobs lying around the sheds and garden and filled the boot and drove to the scrap yard and collected £10 for it, not a lot I know but better in our pocket and it went halfway to paying for the guttering and flashing needed to finish off the passage roof re-do.

The garden is getting tidier as the weather improves for a few days.

Repairs were made to the small polytunnel which decided to take off in the wind the other day. (Good old duck tape)

All the plants we were given are doing well.

In the afternoon I watched some tennis as YAY, Wimbledon is back.

Had a frugal dinner tonight: Sainsburys basics Savoury veg and rice ( about 30p per packet) used 3 of these between 4 of us with 2 Mc Cartney sausages each (I had 2 yellow stickered fishcakes). When the rice was almost cooked and had absorbed all of the water, I added a splosh of sweet chilli sauce to pep it up a bit. Nothing wasted as what we don't eat, tonight it was about 2 mouthfulls, the dogs finish off. I hate seeing good food go into the bin.

Tomorrow, more pottering in the garden and cutting fabric for another patchwork quilt with some fabric I found in the shed. Hopefully some photos will get taken of the progress.

Bye for now.

Friday, 22 June 2012

My youngest singing in school charity show.

Here is the link if you would like to see my daughter singing 'Rolling in The Deep'  a song by Adele with her school friends in their charity show yesterday:  she is the one in the middle with short hair and wearing shorts.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Photos of freecycled plants and spider plant babies

Hello dear readers.
These are the plants I got from a lovely freecycler the other day:
Runner ~Beans my favourite yum :)
Cabbage and cauli.
More runner beans and tomatoes.
Tomatoes. (strawberries I got from £sda.)
This is the kale I think. 

All the plants needed a good drink and were out growing their pots so needed transferring quickly. I look forward to and hope for a good crop , and all for free.
Remember that baby spider plant I picked up from the floor in my daughter's school a few weeks ago?  It's been in a pot of water on the kitchen windowsill and has rooted so now I have 13 babies! Result.

 Off now to find some more brass to take to the scrap yard. I phoned up a few of them today and the best price I can get is £2.40 per kilo. Not as much as it was on The Apprentice last year  but that was in London.   

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Freecycle and Plants. Decluttering, Recycling, Money and Singing.

Hello Readers,

I didn't have much success with seeds this year, mainly due to the weather and slugs.
Freecycle saved the day however in the form of a very kind lady who gave me lots of young plants that she had spare as she just oversowed.
She gave me 4 different kinds of tomatoes, runner beans, french beans, broccoli, cabbage, and kale. When I find my sd card I will take photos. At a guess I have been given at least 50 plants. I will count them when I photo them.

I have been on a major declutttering mission this year on and off and have been collecting together anything metal to fill up the car and see what we could get from the scrap man. We had an old bbq, a defunct petrol mower and a few other odds and sods and what did he give me?  A princely sum of £5!!!  I had hoped for more but concidered it a blessing as a few years ago it would have gone into the metal bin at the tip but I have changed my mind about that and thought the £5 was better in my pocket. We coincided the trip with going to b & q as we needed a few paving slabs and the £5 went towards two of the 8 slabs we bought. Lovely jubbly:)

I have also been saving drinks cans and have a full bin bag of flattened aluminium cans to go to the scrap man when I have collected enough brass to go too.  I have gone off brass a bit now and also because I am decluttering and need the money (vets bills don't ask, will tell you later) so another trip planned for soon. This time I am hoping for more as I know brass is worth a reasonable amount.

Next week my daughter's school is holding a charity singing show and she is singing 2 songs, 1 with a group and then she is closing the show with a song on her own. She has taught herself to play piano and will be playing and singing a song at the same time.  If I can get it filmed I will try to put it on here. We filmed her last year aswell so I will see if I can find it. I know she's mine but I think she is good and very brave doing that in front of the school in their hall. Might be back later if I can find my sd card.