Saturday, 28 April 2012

Soup and more sewing

My car tax is due at the end of the month so I am using up more stuff in the freezer to save doing a large shop this week. Found a bag of soup mix veg from my stash which was reduced from £2 to 30 pence around christmas last year. I defrosted this in the stock pan then added 2 tins of tomatoes and some boiled sliced potatoes. I cooked this with some added paprika, salt, pepper and dried chilli flakes for about half an hour. Then I got the stick blender and gave it a whizz. Tasty with some crusty bread and homemade butter and an easy, cheap,nutricious meal

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

pics and rain

Hello Readers.

Above is the Winnie Pooh bunting I made for my cousin's first child, a baby boy. I thought she would like it for the nursery, at least I hope so. It will be winging its way to Wales later today. It is double sided, the other side is plain white. I had to make the bias binding as I had run out of tape which was a pain but wanted to get it finished.

The red,white and blue bunting is what I have been making quite a few of to use up some of my stash of fabric. If I had had enough of it I would have made a patchwork quilt but I didn't and in hindsight,  it might have been a bit too much anyway.

Can't do much outside as its wet and pouring on and off most days lately. I know we need the rain but it does make everywhere messy especially when you have dogs.

I've been watching The Voice on bbc and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.
There is a young lady called Ruth who has an amazing voice. I hope she wins, although I think most of the contestants are very talented. Darned sight better than bgt on itv in my opinion.

We had roast dinner (just the veggies)  last night but I didn't have enough gravy powder so I put a tin of tomatoes in a jug, added some paprika and cayenne pepper and zapped it for 3 minutes then stirred in the leftover gravy powder and we were all very surprised at how tasty it was! Will probably try something like that again.
Anyone else got any different ideas for gravy?

Back with more pics next time.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Lots of sewing.

Hello Readers,
I've been really busy lately and lots of sewing and sowing has been done. Just tried to upload pics but I can't find them so will try again later.

I've made bunting, a liner and cover for my wicker shopping basket, headbands, door hangers, sunhats and keyrings.

The weather has been shockingly bad this last week but I spose we shouldn't complain too much as we need the rain. At least the sun has been out inbetween the showers. It's beautifully sunny outside at the moment. I have a load in the washing machine ready to go out so I hope it stays like it to get that dry at least.

I have lots of seeds on the go now including tomatoes, lettuce, leeks, peas and broadbeans. We also have some fruit bushes and trees to plant.

Might go to London tomorrow to see the Marathon.

Thank you to all my followers, old and new, please keep popping by and leave a comment if you can.

Off now, the sewing machine is calling :)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I've made a quilted Cafetiere Cosy!

       This is the cafetiere cosy I made today( well actually it's 2.15 am on tuesday morning, cos I can't sleep) but I made it on monday evening.  It's made from a tea towel bought as a pack of 10 from the supermarket. Think I will make a tea cosy to match.  Might make this cafetiere cosy one of my Giveaways.

I found a piece of net curtain in the washing basket which is what was cut off the living room door curtain and waiting for a purpose and today I got an idea. It's just the right size to be a runner on my dressing table, it just needs a hem round the edges.Will do that later today.

Welcome to my new followers this last week, the numbers are gradually creeping up to 30.Please become a follower and leave a comment and you can go into the hat for the giveaway.

Bye for now.

Saturday, 7 April 2012


Good Evening Readers.

I haven't been blogging for the last week or so as I've been busing reading tutorials on you tube about quilt making.
I am interested in, and do a lot of different crafts and quilting is something I have somehow managed to miss but I have wanted to do it for years and now I have finally made a start!
I intended to start a king sized one for my bed first but in the end I got distracted by some fabrics I had and decided on a baby's quilt as that was all there was enough fabric for.
I'm certainly glad I started on something small as it was very tricky on my small domestic machine.
The photo above is the quilt almost finished, I just have to do the binding.
The photo is not very good. I will hopefully get a better one done tomorrow when the quilt is finished.

I think my next project is going to be patchwork placemats. I went to town again today and bought the thermo wadding stuff for them and I've just got to decide on the colours. I saw the gorgeous flower fabric in the shop and got 2 metres and 2 metres of the red flowery fabric (photo above with the thermo wadding in the middle).

I also found my cafetiere whilst sorting out a cupboard so will try to design a quilted cosy for it.

I am still thinking about what else to have for my giveaway if I can get to 50 followers. One idea is an apron I made from recycled curtain fabric. I will post a photo of it tomorrow.

I'm off now to make a plastic template for patchwork out of an old video case as when I looked at one in the shop they wanted £9 for it! It was only four and a half inches square, shocking rip off.