Monday, 15 October 2012

No Stoptober Here :(

Hello all.

Too much spending needed here. Can't avoid the vets bills, (nearly £20 a week for painkillers for Polly), and a birthday girl this month, although I will be making her main present.  All being well I will be making most of her party food, hoping this awfull cold will clear up before the weekend. I always seem to get colds (which nearly always turn into a chest infection/bronchitis,) around celebration days such as birthdays and Christmas, bummer.

I've been making more crochet blankets and would have posted fotos by now but for the fact that the sd cards all seem to have disappeared. Don't  want to buy anymore, so will keep looking. There must be 3 or 4 in the house.

I have made 4 baby blankets recently, 2 blue and white, and 2 peach, lemon and white.

Dinner tonight is mashed potato, Quorn fillets (reduced) and a nice big cabbage from the farm shop and gravy. Off now to look at a pattern I've just aquired for above mentioned birthday present.

Cheerio folks.

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