Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A couple of photos of baby blankets.

Finally found an sd card so I have just taken these photos:
The top photos are a sample of the peach, lemon and white squares I have yet to join.
The bottom photos are of the first blanket I made a few weeks ago. I love the pastel colours. Sorry the photos don't do it justice. I will take some more tomorrow in the sunlight if we have any. I have started to cut out the bag tonight and will post a few photos as I go along with it.

Tonight we had bubble and squeak for dinner with fried eggs and tomatoes. Cabbage and potato was left from last night's dinner.

Still feeling extremely rough so will say cheerio for now.

Monday, 15 October 2012

No Stoptober Here :(

Hello all.

Too much spending needed here. Can't avoid the vets bills, (nearly £20 a week for painkillers for Polly), and a birthday girl this month, although I will be making her main present.  All being well I will be making most of her party food, hoping this awfull cold will clear up before the weekend. I always seem to get colds (which nearly always turn into a chest infection/bronchitis,) around celebration days such as birthdays and Christmas, bummer.

I've been making more crochet blankets and would have posted fotos by now but for the fact that the sd cards all seem to have disappeared. Don't  want to buy anymore, so will keep looking. There must be 3 or 4 in the house.

I have made 4 baby blankets recently, 2 blue and white, and 2 peach, lemon and white.

Dinner tonight is mashed potato, Quorn fillets (reduced) and a nice big cabbage from the farm shop and gravy. Off now to look at a pattern I've just aquired for above mentioned birthday present.

Cheerio folks.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Just Popping In

Hello dear reader,

Thank you very much for your kind comments on my last post, I really appreciate it.

Haven't felt like blogging lately as I feel like our life is in limbo at the moment. Polly is still around at the moment but I don't think it will be long before I have to make the dreaded decision :(

On our last trip to the vets they said that when she has more bad days than good, then that is the time...

I realise this and I hate the thought of her suffering, and want to do right by her.

She is a slower now getting up and moving around, but is still a piggie, enjoying her food. (and her walks, once she is out). She tried to chase a seagull yesterday on her daily walk Lol.

I've been cooking her real chicken every other day for a treat.

On a lighter, and more positive note, I have been trying new recipes, and hope to post about them soon.

I've also been filling the freezer with homemade vegetarian ready meals, again I hope to post about it soon.

I have also been making a couple of granny squares baby blankets and cutting up fabric for quilt making future projects and will post photos soon when I feel up to it.

Thank you for reading, bye for now.