Sunday, 5 August 2012

My Bunting For The Olympics

Above is a photo I took today of some of the bunting I made recently. I put it up at the start of the Olympics.

Our team GB are doing really great so far. We have a local girl still in line for a possible medal in the sailing I think. Fingers crossed.

Here is a photo of my cheeky cat Silvie who loves to lie on top of the tv, often turning the channel over or the volume up while we are trying to watch it, so comical. (the buttons are on the top).

My chihuahua Georgie has a loose tooth so she is going to the vets tomorrow morning for an anesthetic to have it removed and look to see if there are any others that need attention, and also for a clean. She wouldn't  let the vet look in her mouth but we saw that it was loose when we noticed she seemed under the weather last week.  Very worried about her having the anesthetic as we know it carries a risk. She has never been away from us and never been parted from her sister Lily, so we know she will be scared. It's like leaving your baby with strangers in a strange place. But it must be done. Hopefully all will be well and she will come back with most of her teeth all cleaned up. No chance for a frugal spend there as we have  a quote of £250 odd for Anesthetic, 2 to 5 extractions and cleaning her teeth, OUCH!

Oh well, must go now. She has to be there for 9 in the morning so off to bed.  Will be back tomorrow to record how she gets on.


  1. Hope everything went o.k for Georgie and not too many extractions!
    Your Sylvie cat looks like my Katie cat,she's very talkative too! Loves paddling in water and flicks it all around the place!

    Sandie xx

    1. Thanks for your comment Sandie. Georgie had 3 teeth removed in the end. Silvie is very talkative too. She also taps on the front door when she wants to come in.