Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Georgie had 3 teeth taken out!!

Above, is Georgie yesterday evening. It was great to get her back safe and sound yesterday.

Spot the bandage on her front paw where she had the needle for Anaesthetic. She had 3 teeth out in the end and was very very groggy all day yesterday.

She has been given an antibiotic injection which should last 14 days as she refused to take it by mouth. We tried disguising the tablet in the food but she wasn't having any of it and she actually lost 6 ounces in less than 4 days because she wasn't eating much. The little monkey.

We went to the tip today to get rid of recycling and tat that I couldn't freecycle from my major declutter with a car full and after that we went for a walk over the field and Georgie almost seemed her normal self apart from she wouldn't run like she normally does. It was great to get her back safe and sound yesterday.

Eventually I paid £179 for the treatment. Less than was estimated because she didn't have as many teeth out as they thought (as they hadn't been able to look in her mouth) but still a lot.

No spend today. Instead, we are using up what's in the freezer. I think new potatoes (reduced from Sainsburys), Quorn peppered steaks (2 for a £1 offer in Asda), and some mixed veg from sainsburys.

Bye for now.


  1. Worth every penny! Our pets are our companions, friends and family membersxxxx

    1. Oh yes froogs, they are definately part of the family, they come almost everywhere with us. We only have to say we are going in the car at they run to the front door:)