Sunday, 15 July 2012

Maybe moving to Exmouth?

Hello Dear Readers,

Welcome to my new readers, 41 now so hopefully I will soon be able to have my giveaway.

Does anyone come from Exmouth?

The reason I haven't had time to blog for a week or so is because I've been busy decluttering the house even more urgently as we may be moving to Exmouth and don't want to pay to take unwanted clutter with us thus upping removal costs.

I may have mentioned before that I love Devon and Cornwall and have been hoping to be able to move down there one day and now it looks like it may be happening!

If anyone has any stories or info about the area I would be glad of it.  The more we can find out about the town and area the better informed choice we can make about whether to make the move or not.  I'm looking to move away from East Anglia for a slower pace of living.  We will be going down to look at the house next weekend (all being well).  I have been trawling the internet to find out what I can that way.

Anyway, more to do so bye for now.

I am interested in whether it really does rain that much more than the south east.


  1. how many houses will you be looking at this weekend?

    Good luck with the viewings.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Hi Gill, glad to see you're back on blogger:)

    Hoping to look at 2 houses in fact, one in Exmouth, Devon and one in Truro, Cornwall.