Saturday, 21 July 2012

I got a Freebie hooray!

I found an advert in a newsagents window on a postcard for a FREE cooker the other day. I had to wire it into the wall which was a pain as it was awkward to get to but it's all installed now.
It has hardly been used and in good condition and good working order. I can't believe my luck!

The old cooker will go to the scrapyard for a few bob aswell. Happy days.

I have also acquired a biube fish tank to go with my biorb but the light wire was loose and only came on if you wiggled it so I cut the dodgy bit off and I've rewired it and now it works perfectly. This tank will go in my bedroom, the other biorb is in the living room. I find fish tanks very soothing.

Lot's of stuff being given away to clear the house. I used to find it difficult to throw things out as I always think I might find a use for things and also I'm incredibly sentimental. Such a pain. But it's getting easier now.

I was dumping a tatty old chest of drawers  at the tip 2 days ago and I saw a woman about to dump a perfectly good rug, so I asked her if I could have it and she said yes. It's now in my living room having been hoovered and steam cleaned with my Shark which was a frugal £10 from $esco a few months ago.

Going to see family in Wales and to look at 2 houses on Monday yippee!
One house is in Truro and the other is in Exmouth. Only bad thing about it is I am terrified of motorways and sometimes get debilitating panic attacks. Saying that, I was alright driving my eldest to London to see 'Queen' playing live at Hammersmith Opollo which turned into 3 hours each way due to road closure and I didn't panic once so fingers crossed.

Hello to my new reader. I'm up to 43 now :)

Night folks.

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  1. good luck with your drive to see the houses.

    Also what good luck you have in picking up free stuff...well done,

    Gill in Canada