Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Exmouth is lovely

We had a horrendous journey there and back with many accidents (not involving us, thankfully), but I didn't have a panic attack, even though a tractor behind us didn't see the red light and almost,and I mean a VERY almost, run into the back of us. His machine was jumping up and down trying to brake at the last minute. Then he had the cheek to beep us! Some people!

Exmouth is lovely and we are still unsure wether to move. We will think about it. We didn't have time to look at the cornwall house.  I forgot how long ago it was that I had driven that far, it was such a long drive from Essex. The way the looneys drive on the M25 and the M4 is unbelievable. Not a journey I would like to make very often. No wonder there are so many accidents. We were doing 70 miles an hour and the outside lane were flying past like we were standing still! NUTTERS!

On a sadder note, my 13 & 1/2 year old Golden Retreiver's  legs are failing her more now and I am dreading the day when her painkillers run out and I have to take her back to the vets.  It's about a week to go until they run out  now and I'm dreading it. She has been part of the family since a pup and since my youngest was a toddler. The vet did say they could up her dose but that is only for the pain. If her legs are too weak that is a different thing altogether. I don't know. All of us are dreading it, as we don't want her to suffer.

Not a good time at the moment , so will say goodnight for now.


  1. We often go to Exmouth seafront and it is, as you say, lovely. Can't advise you on what it would be like to live there, but two friends live there and they rave about it. I don't think it rains there any more than anywhere else in England if you average it across the year and we definitely find Devon 1 or 2 degrees warmer than when we come up North to the Midlands.

    Arwedd xx