Monday, 18 June 2012

Photos of freecycled plants and spider plant babies

Hello dear readers.
These are the plants I got from a lovely freecycler the other day:
Runner ~Beans my favourite yum :)
Cabbage and cauli.
More runner beans and tomatoes.
Tomatoes. (strawberries I got from £sda.)
This is the kale I think. 

All the plants needed a good drink and were out growing their pots so needed transferring quickly. I look forward to and hope for a good crop , and all for free.
Remember that baby spider plant I picked up from the floor in my daughter's school a few weeks ago?  It's been in a pot of water on the kitchen windowsill and has rooted so now I have 13 babies! Result.

 Off now to find some more brass to take to the scrap yard. I phoned up a few of them today and the best price I can get is £2.40 per kilo. Not as much as it was on The Apprentice last year  but that was in London.   


  1. The best sort of free - free food!
    My veg is really suffering with all this rain and low temperatures, summer seems to have emigrated.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment.
    Carol xx

  2. wow...that is many plants for free.....really great!
    have a nice day,