Monday, 25 June 2012

A busy day and Wimbledon is back, yay.

Hello Readers.

Yesterday it hammered down with rain but it was a  lovely sunny day today here in East Anglia.

As I have mentioned before I am on a decluttering mission (due to being a prolific hoarder and sentimentalist) is that a word by the way?

I have a brick shed and until a week ago it was jam packed with mostly junk so much so that we couldn't take a step in. But now I have been ruthless (for me anyway)  about 2 thirds of the stuff has gone and it is now a functioning shed. Found 2 drills! And lots of tools. What we couldn't give away, went to the tip apart from the brass ornaments which are going to the scrap yard tomorrow.

For the last week I have had an old, non working, fridge freezer (found buried in the shed) at the front of the house by the side gate and have had no end of people knocking on my door asking if they could take it for scrap to which I said no as I was taking it myself. Today we had collected old metal bits and bobs lying around the sheds and garden and filled the boot and drove to the scrap yard and collected £10 for it, not a lot I know but better in our pocket and it went halfway to paying for the guttering and flashing needed to finish off the passage roof re-do.

The garden is getting tidier as the weather improves for a few days.

Repairs were made to the small polytunnel which decided to take off in the wind the other day. (Good old duck tape)

All the plants we were given are doing well.

In the afternoon I watched some tennis as YAY, Wimbledon is back.

Had a frugal dinner tonight: Sainsburys basics Savoury veg and rice ( about 30p per packet) used 3 of these between 4 of us with 2 Mc Cartney sausages each (I had 2 yellow stickered fishcakes). When the rice was almost cooked and had absorbed all of the water, I added a splosh of sweet chilli sauce to pep it up a bit. Nothing wasted as what we don't eat, tonight it was about 2 mouthfulls, the dogs finish off. I hate seeing good food go into the bin.

Tomorrow, more pottering in the garden and cutting fabric for another patchwork quilt with some fabric I found in the shed. Hopefully some photos will get taken of the progress.

Bye for now.

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