Saturday, 26 May 2012

homemade coleslaw, quick baked potato and economy stain remover

Last week I made coleslaw with:

Shredded white cabbage in a bowl with some finely chopped red pepper, celery,tomato, radish, then I stirred in  3 tablesps  mayo, 1 tbspn vinegar and 1 teaspn of wholegrain mustard. We had it with quick home baked potato:

I zap them in the microwave (4 potatoes) for about 12 minutes then finish them on about gas 7 for about  15 to 20 minutes to get that crispy skin and flavour which you don't get with just cooking them in the microwave.

I'm fed up with paying silly prices for stain remover for my washing which doesn't even always work and I had run out anyway so I sprayed some basic lemon multi surface cleaner which is only about 30 pence for a 750 ml bottle which I decanted into an old cif spray bottle and it works as good as so more money saving.

Off to take the dogs out now and take in some vitamin D.


  1. I always use basic cleaners, they're all I need and my house is clean

  2. Yes I do generally.
    My cleaning products mostly, are bicarbonate of soda, lemon or lime juice, white or brown vinegar, salt (for abrasive), basics cola, and essential oils.