Saturday, 19 May 2012

Getting things done, de-cluttering, finding things,stockpiling, and cooking, for a start.

Haven't been blogging this last week gone, although I have been reading a few, as we've been de-cluttering again so that some decorating can be done. I found a multi-chef pro food processor (aquired by way of freecycle) which I have been looking for for ages. Just hope it still works. If it does, I will search online for some instructions for it.

We are planning on painting the living room, hall and stairs this week, so today we went to the supermarket and bought a cheap roller set (under £2), brushes set (also under £2), and some one coat gloss for the doors as we've already got emulsion for the walls to make a start. We also needed more socks  so found some for 4 for £4.

I am trying to get a bit of a stockpile going as the cost of shopping goes up every week. Economy tins of tuna went up 10p one week!! These are the 2 book cases (basics) bought from b & q recently, in our dining room loaded with my hoard.

  You may recognise some of it from app foods ie the stir fry sachets,  catering size sauce bottles large bags of pizza mix and such.

Below are more photos of my stash of tinned food in the side passage stored in my parents old dressing table which I don't like to discard as it's a memory from my childhood and now it serves a purpose as food storage.

I popped into my youngest'  school recently and whilst waiting for her I was sitting on a chair next to a very large spider plant which was sprouting lots of baby plants. I spotted 1 that had dropped off and was lying on the floor so I picked it up, and when I got home I popped it into a small bowl with some water. In a few weeks I should have my own rooted spider plant all for free! Happy with things so far.

My youngest and eldest decided to buy some flowers to put on their grandfather's grave this week so they bought 2 bunches of flowers. There were so many, we managed to get a small bunch left to keep in the house. I love having flowers and plants in the house.

In sains this week they were selling 2 x 2 pints of bagged milk for £1 with a free jugit so I bought 8 bags and put 6 in the freezer.

Yesterday I found that asda had started to stock the instant cheese sauce packets again woo woo! They haven't been stocking them for months and hadn't had a shelf for them so I thought they had stopped doing them but ever the optomist I keep checking  every time I went in the shop and got lucky. They are 4 for a £1 so much cheaper than usual. I bought 24 packets.

So yesterday I made past bake with cooked basics pasta in an oven proof dish with some frozen sweetcorn, tin of basics tuna, 4 eggs from my hens just cracked and thrown in, 2 packets of the cheese sauce was stirred in and it was covered with a layer of cheese ( buy one, get one free in sains). Cooked in the oven on gas 5 for 45 mins. Tasty :)  Was so hungry I forgot to take a photo. Had enough for 2 portions for lunch today.

Off with the chihuahuas now to walk it off in the field. If I can remember to take my camera I will take some photos and blog later.


  1. Are we twins? That is the way forward, I saw laundry liquid at £1.79 - previously about £3 so I bought 10. Morrisons changed the bottle design and were selling off old stock. I keep my eyes open for bargains and then stock up!

  2. Lol froogs think we might be :) I love a bargain and if I have the cash I take advantage. I also ignore sell by dates, I think they are a con to get us shoppers to spend more.