Saturday, 28 April 2012

Soup and more sewing

My car tax is due at the end of the month so I am using up more stuff in the freezer to save doing a large shop this week. Found a bag of soup mix veg from my stash which was reduced from £2 to 30 pence around christmas last year. I defrosted this in the stock pan then added 2 tins of tomatoes and some boiled sliced potatoes. I cooked this with some added paprika, salt, pepper and dried chilli flakes for about half an hour. Then I got the stick blender and gave it a whizz. Tasty with some crusty bread and homemade butter and an easy, cheap,nutricious meal


  1. MMM sounds lovely - car tax its a fortune isnt it. I just bought mine!! ARGGGHHHH!

  2. My kind of soup, cheap & easy. Love paprika in soup, yum.

    Karen x

  3. Hi, I've answered your question over at my blog.