Wednesday, 25 April 2012

pics and rain

Hello Readers.

Above is the Winnie Pooh bunting I made for my cousin's first child, a baby boy. I thought she would like it for the nursery, at least I hope so. It will be winging its way to Wales later today. It is double sided, the other side is plain white. I had to make the bias binding as I had run out of tape which was a pain but wanted to get it finished.

The red,white and blue bunting is what I have been making quite a few of to use up some of my stash of fabric. If I had had enough of it I would have made a patchwork quilt but I didn't and in hindsight,  it might have been a bit too much anyway.

Can't do much outside as its wet and pouring on and off most days lately. I know we need the rain but it does make everywhere messy especially when you have dogs.

I've been watching The Voice on bbc and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.
There is a young lady called Ruth who has an amazing voice. I hope she wins, although I think most of the contestants are very talented. Darned sight better than bgt on itv in my opinion.

We had roast dinner (just the veggies)  last night but I didn't have enough gravy powder so I put a tin of tomatoes in a jug, added some paprika and cayenne pepper and zapped it for 3 minutes then stirred in the leftover gravy powder and we were all very surprised at how tasty it was! Will probably try something like that again.
Anyone else got any different ideas for gravy?

Back with more pics next time.


  1. I'm sure winnie the pooh will be well appreciated, and parcels through the post are always more exciting - good work :)

    1. Yes, I love receiving parcels in the post, it's like being a child, daft I know, but most post we get are bills.

  2. The bunting is brilliant, I love the winnie the pooh and the red, white and blue will be brilliant for the jubilee weekend to have on display.