Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sewing and a Giveaway..(Added, a carrier bag dispenser Tutorial in photos)

I plan to make a couple of carrier bag dispensers this morning.Also a school bag as a surprise for my youngest. I plan to use an old yellow gingham curtain for the dispensers and some lovely cath kidston fabrics,probably in patchwork for the school bag, will decide when I gather the fabrics together.

I will be back with some photos when I've finished. As I am typing I have had an idea for a giveaway.

I now have 25 lovely followers and if I can get up to 50 then I will have a giveaway definately.  One of the items will be a carrier bag dispenser, fabric yet to be decided but it will be pretty, and I will have to have a think about one or two other items.

Cheerio for now:)

And now for the photos:

I decided on some blue gingham fabric I found in my stash which was left over from when I made my daughters' summer school dresses and matching sun hats.

I am making two bags so I cut two pieces roughly 19 inches square.
Folded in half right sides together, I sewed it about 1/4 inch in from the edge then I zig zagged stitched the edge (I could have just overlocked it together but couldn't be bothered to lug it out from the back of the cupboard.

I found some white ric rac in my box and turned over a small hem top and bottom and sewed on the ric rac overlapping the ends for a neater finish and so that it doesn't fray.

Then I cut 2 pieces of fabric 2 inches wide by about 8 and 1/2 inches long. This is for the hanging loop.
I should have ironed this but I couldn't be bothered to lug the iron and ironing board out.
I folded it in half lengthwise then tucked the edges inside and sewed this together right side out.

Sorry about the fuzzy photo below.

Then I zig zagged it down on the inside on the hem.

I got some narrow elastic about a 1/4 inch wide and cut 2 pieces approx 7 and 9 inches long.
The longer piece I stitched on the inside of the bag about 1 inch from the top, stretching the elastic as I went along so that it would fit. Don't forget if you want to try this it's best to overlap the elastic so that it is secure, neat, and doesn't fray. That is the tricky bit.

The shorter piece of elastic was sewn about an inch up from the bottom hem and that was even tricker as I had to stretch it even more.

Here it is turned inside out and already filled with carrier bags.

I made 2 like I said as we have quite a lot of carriers. I will have to make my daughter's bag tomorrow I think because I can't find the right thread.

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  1. It looks great and will be fab for a giveaway!