Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My Wormery Is Finished. And Stir Fry courtesy of App Fds.

Below is a photo of my wormery after I had added the worms.  I more or less followed the you tube video (link on my previous post) but I drilled a few tiny holes in the bottom of the box aswell. The lid is a little split so I didn't bother with holes in the top, I shall see how it goes.  I put plenty of strips of newspaper down first (apparently worms like this), then a layer of compost sprinkled with water just to dampen it. Then I tipped the worms in that I bought from a fishing tackle supplier the other side of  town.  They are called dendras I think.

Then I spread the kitchen scraps on top of them:

I put the lid on and left it next to the greenhouse. I will check it daily when I add more scraps to make sure it doesn't dry out. I will probably have to find a more shady spot as the weather warms up so that the worms don't shrivel up in the heat.

I didn't add a layer of sand as he advised on the video as I couldn't find it but when I do I will put some in.

Dinner tonight (and last night was stir fry noodles with the sharwoods szechuan pepper and tomato sauce from app foods delivery I had yesterday, brilliant, will deff order from them again. Will post photos of some of the items I got from them next post if camera working still as it's playing up still.

Been up since 4 am so will say cheerio for now. 

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