Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow, Snow, Snow.

 ~Below is
Above, is a photo of our road last night, it started late evening.

And more photos taken today: The back garden, see our chicken run at the back on the left.
My eldest took our old girl to the field for a little walk and she loved it:                                                                                         
She's thirteen this month.

A year ago last october she almost died.

She had an infection in the womb, I forget what it's called now but it's often fatal.

After a big, and costly operation it was touch and go.

She wouldn't eat for days, I  had to spoon feed her, if anyone owns a Golden Retriever you will know that they are greedy pigs  so when they are off their food it is really serious.

Gradually, over a week or so she gradually perked up.

Now look at her.

The children have all grown up with her so she is really one of the family.

 Youngest is out  in the snow having a whale of a time with her friends sledging.


  1. What lovely pictures! Beautiful dog too.She is having a whale of a time.Marmalade is content to just look out of the window at the snow, she isnt one for going out especially if its cold.Enjoy the rest of your weekend.X

    1. Marmalade obviousely has more sense than my Polly lol.

      Thanks for popping in :)

  2. Lovely looking at the snow but sooo cold. Boiler man due tomorrow! My "baby" Zena (my Hearing Dog) is a flat-coat/Golden cross and she is a greedy pig too. I have to be so careful with her. Yours ia a beauty - I bet she has a lovely temperament too x

    1. Polly is lovely but she has and still is a pain stealing food when she can :)

      She is as bad as when she was a puppy for it, still love her though.

      She lets my Chihuahuas use her as a step to get on to the settee.

      Hope you get your boiler sorted out tomorrow.