Thursday, 9 February 2012

Projects I'm Doing and Tillman The Skateboarding Bulldog

I watched Super Smart Animals on BBC 1  last night and this Skateboarding and Surfing Bulldog was on it and he is so cute, clever and very funny, I think most people will enjoy watching him.

Here's the link for him on Youtube:

I have a number of  WIP but this is what I've just started for my eldest:

It is knitted in a brushed double knit yarn called 'Haze' by King Cole and is a reasonable £2.50 per ball and I only needed 2 balls for the Jacket in a size 12.

I have shown the pattern as well because it shows the other instructions on the same pattern for a lovely dress, which I would also like to make a bit later on. That only takes 3 balls to make a size 12 dress.

I also got some backing for the king size Patchwork Quilt I am about to start.  It is 100% Cotton in Cream.

I also bought the Wadding which is Bamboo.

I hope to pop back later with more photos of the fabrics I plan to use for the Patchwork.


  1. I saw the skating bulldog and it was brilliant!
    The programme was really good and it goes to show we as humans think we are superior but the animals are not so dumb!

  2. You're a busy bee, that's for sure!!


  3. looking forward to seeing your patchwork fabrics and I really envy anyone who can knit, not one of my strengths.

  4. You have been TAGGED, check out my post tonight.
    I do hope you don't mind.

  5. Thanks for your comments and

    Mrs Thrifty, I don't mind you tagging me and I will try to list my answers to the questions by tomorrow.