Sunday, 12 February 2012

I've Been Cooking With Gas.

I've done a lot of baking today.

First off I decided to make Veggie Steak Suet Puddings.  I got the idea from Frugal Queen's blog recently when she made Steak and Kidney Puds. (Thanks Froogs:)

I fried an onion.

Then I added the veggie chunks £1.50 a bag from £sda.

While this was frying, I made the Suet Pastry using Atora Veggie Suet.

Mixed with a little water.

I greased 2 Pirex Pudding basins and lined them with the pastry.

I stirred the Chunks into the Gravy, splodged in some Brown Sauce, and spooned the mixture into the lined Pudding Basins.

Then I covered the puddings with the Pastry lid, and  brushed with a beaten egg.

 and zapped in the Microwave for 6 minutes.

Et Viola!

I had some Pastry leftover so I lined another Pudding Basin with Pastry, looked in the Pantry and found  a tin of Pineapple Chunks so tipped them in the Pastry and covered with a Pastry lid and brushed with egg.  I have put this in the Fridge to cook tomorrow.

I then pulled out a packet of £sda ready made Puff Pastry.

I decided to make Baked Beans Slices.

I cut this in half and rolled out 1 piece to cover my Chopping Board.

I spooned on some Value Baked Beans, brushed the edges with egg and folded over and sealed it.

As usual, I put too much Filling in (I hate it all Pastry and hardly any Filling). 

I poked the knife into it 4 times and brushed it with egg.

I repeated this with the other piece of Pastry and Baked on a Baking Tray at Gas no. 6 for about 20 minutes.

The Baked Beans spilled out and made a bit of a  mess it will still taste nice.

We will have this for Dinner tomorrow with some Salad.

I've been looking for a good Recipe for Vegetarian Marshmallows and think I've found one so hope to make that tomorrow.  And some Vegetarian Quiches.

Sorry about the quality of some of the photos, I am using my daughter's camera at I'm not used to it.

It's been a long and busy day today (didn't sleep much last night) so I will have to sort the ' Tagging' tomorrow as I'm absolutely exhausted.

Thank you for reading and following me.

Night Night.  


  1. Great recipes - well done - sleep well x

  2. The veggie suet puds look really yummy. I think I shall have to make a suet pud soon as I love them.

  3. that is something I have never seen or heard of before in my life, Baked Beans inside pastry!!! I would love that,

    Gill in Canada

    1. Gill they sell the Baked Bean Slices in £ainsburys at nearly a £ each! The ones they sell are only normal pastie size. Their Beef ones are cheaper! So I make my own. I normally add a little grated cheese and paprika, but forgot this time.

  4. My daughter loves jam roly poly pudding and I haven't made it in years, you have inspired me to make one for her :) and I'll probably do a savoury one at the same time, it's that sort of comfort food weather just now.

  5. Result!!!! That looks lovely! I'm going to buy a job lot more of the suet mix from Approved Food, and I'm going to pinch your recipes - Love Froogs xxxx