Friday, 27 January 2012

Slow Cooker arrived today Yay.Free Fish and Chips in BHS today.

Hi Readers,

My Slow Cooker (replacement) arrived today and was left by my front door which I think is bad as anyone could have taken it. Anyway can't wait to get cooking again and 'Gill the british woman', kindly gave me some new recipes which I want to try.

Today for  I tucked into a bowl of the homemade cauliflower soup I blogged about the other day and this afternoon we are going out for a treat of Fish and Chips at bhs. We just have to buy a hot drink which is £1.90.

Also Pizza Hut have a £5 pizza and salad offer on until monday I think.

This is the link to print the vouchers if anyone fancies it. 


Bye for now.


  1. glad you got the email, hope you find the odd recipe you can use.

    Gill in Canada