Saturday, 21 January 2012

Hello, I'm Back.

Hello Readers,

I haven't been around for a while as I haven't been feeling very unwell so not been up to much worthy of blogging.

I had a routine blood test to check my thyroid as it is underactive, has been for years. I have been even more lethargic than usual so it shouldn't have been a surprise really that the results showed that I am extremely aneamic and have had to go on iron tablets 3 times a day. The doctor thought I might be coeliac but the blood test came back negative for that so he wants me to go to hospital for further tests:(

Still I have been trying to be frugal and went into sainsburys just before christmas and picked up about 3 carrier bags full of packs of ready cut vegetables soup mix for 30p a bag reduced from £2!!  I would never pay anywhere near the full price I think its sheer madness. So they went into the freezer with a smile on my face:)

Bye for now.

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