Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Car Worries,Microwave Noises and Slow Cooking.

Hello Readers.

Yesterday When I started up the car I noticed it seemed a bit reluctant to start but after a couple of tries it worked. I used the car again in the afternoon and it still started up but the third time I went to start it up it was dark and I was miles away from home and the battery sounded very bad. I was worried as I had shopping in the car and didn't know how I would get back then I decided to knock on the door of the house that I was parked outside to see if they could offer some help. I don't normally like to ask but in this case I was desperate. Fortunately for me a very nice man answered the door and after searching all over his house,shed and car for jump leads he came back out and said he couldn't find any but said he would find his son and they could try push starting it for me. I got a bit panicky as its years since I've started a car in this way but fortunately I managed to start it as soon as he told me to try and I was away thanking them profusely. Phew was I relieved!! I thought I was going to be calling out a mechanic and my purse would be getting lighter. Anyway that panic is over as its been staring ok today.

Another thing bothering me a little at the moment is the Microwave as I noticed it making a rather loud noise today but I  has stopped again. I'm trying to put some money aside for a proper stainless steel Maslin Pan for jam making and don't really want to be having to replace the Microwave at the moment. In fact as it is a Micro Combi which I bought nearly new about 3 years ago for only £20 (Bargain)  I couldn't afford to replace it with another the same, it would have to be just a basic Microwave. It's a Russell Hobbs 28 litre micro/grill/oven but I didn't get the instruction booklet and can't find it online so I've only just worked out how to use the normal oven part of it a couple of weeks ago. Fingers crossed it keeps working.

Today I have ordered a Morphy Richards 6 litre Slow Cooker from Amazon reduced from £49 to £24.99. I had one before but 2 weeks ago my 18 year old decided to knock it onto the floor breaking the ceramic pot inside (carelessly) and when I looked on their website it was going to cost me at least £20 to replace.  I'm happy now I've ordered it as I found a book while searching for something in the dining room called 'the ultimate slow cooker cookbook' and inside I found a recipe for Lemon Curd which I will try as soon as my cooker arrives and will blog about on here, probably early next week.

More butter making tomorrow for the freezer this time, some cauliflower soup and some decluttering I hope, if I feel ok. (with photo's if I can find my camera, daughter always borrowing it)

Anyone know where I can get a stainless steel (not aluminium) Maslin Pan cheaper than Lakeland which charge £42?



  1. We use our slow cooker a lot. I even put together a recipe book for the kids to go with their slow cooker when they went to uni.

    If you want a copy (it's a word document) please leave me a comment on my blog, I WON'T PUBLISH IT.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Thank you Gill, I will take you up on that.