Sunday, 22 January 2012

Butter Photo and This and That Fish Pie

Above is a photo of my homemade butter.

Also yesterday for dinner I made fish pie which is based on a recipe that Hardup Hester posted a while back.

I add what I can find to use up in my fridge, freezer and pantry.

What I did was thinly slice potatoes so they cook quicker thereby using less gas.
I also found 4 eggs in the fridge so I boiled and peeled these and cut up to go in with the fish into the oven dish to bulk it up a bit.

At the same time I was cooking 3 fillets of white value fish in butter and covered with milk which was all I could find in the freezer.

I only simmer the fish for about 5 minutes.

I strained the milk into a large jug to make instant cheese sauce with 2 packets from Asda (4 for a £1) adding a little water to make it up.

I placed the fish in the oven dish and looked in the fridge and found part of a tin of sweetcorn so that went in the oven dish aswell.

Then I looked in the freezer again and found some peas so added a handful to the potatoes just before they had finished cooking.

Next I opened a tin of basics tuna and placed that in the dish and sprinkled over a tablespoon of mixed dried basics herbs, covered all this with the soft, sliced potatoes and poured the cheese sauce mix all over.

This cooked for about 1/2  hour at gas 6.

We got 5 portions out of it.

Above is a photo of what was left from yesterday in a bowl which I will have for lunch tomorrow.


  1. fish pie look good, never thought of adding hard boiled eggs to it, good idea.

    I am not sure how cost effective making butter would be, as double cream is expensive over here.

    Gill in Canada

    1. It's expensive over here also. The first batch I made was most expensive but in future I will use cheaper cream from Aldi. The main reason for making it for me was that I know where its been and how fresh it is LoL.