Monday, 30 January 2012

Batch Cooking Lasagne and Rice Pudding.

Hello Fellow Bloggers and thank you to my new followers. It would be nice to get to a round 20.

Firstly I didn't get around to posting the photos yesterday as I had been so busy during the day and it was a long day, that I was too tired in the end. Below  are  before and after photos of the lasagne I made yesterday and got 4 normal sized portions and 2 left over for lunch today.  

Then my plate :)

Below are the Cliplock Containers I got from £land filled with yesterdays Rice Pudding cooked in the Slow Cooker. I must say that the recipe I posted was from the booklet that came with the Slow Cooker and it said to cook for 3 to 4 hours but it needed 5 hours!  I know I'm a scatty mare but I think I measured out the ingredients properly but I might be mistaken so will try the same recipe again next time just to make sure and will let you know.

Below is a photo of my big Chest Freezer. It's a tad untidy at the mo but it is nice and Full.

I'm not usually a very lucky person but when I went to buy this, the sellers, when showing me how it worked realised the door would no longer close without a weight put on it and decided that if I wanted it, I could have it for nothing as they felt uncomfortable taking money for it.  Such nice people. And a happy me.

I didn't make a Shepperds Pie as I forgot I'd already stretched the Mince with added veg and Kidney Beans, Baked Beans etc before freezing.

Back tomorrow when hopefully I will have made some kind of Jam in the Slow Cooker.


  1. That is one impressive freezer! And lucky you getting it for free! Wow! The lasagna looks divine. What kind of cheese is that on top?

  2. Penny Saver, it is medium mature Cheddar (vegetarian)With a cheese sauce (instant, 4 for a £ in @sda).