Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A couple of photos of baby blankets.

Finally found an sd card so I have just taken these photos:
The top photos are a sample of the peach, lemon and white squares I have yet to join.
The bottom photos are of the first blanket I made a few weeks ago. I love the pastel colours. Sorry the photos don't do it justice. I will take some more tomorrow in the sunlight if we have any. I have started to cut out the bag tonight and will post a few photos as I go along with it.

Tonight we had bubble and squeak for dinner with fried eggs and tomatoes. Cabbage and potato was left from last night's dinner.

Still feeling extremely rough so will say cheerio for now.

Monday, 15 October 2012

No Stoptober Here :(

Hello all.

Too much spending needed here. Can't avoid the vets bills, (nearly £20 a week for painkillers for Polly), and a birthday girl this month, although I will be making her main present.  All being well I will be making most of her party food, hoping this awfull cold will clear up before the weekend. I always seem to get colds (which nearly always turn into a chest infection/bronchitis,) around celebration days such as birthdays and Christmas, bummer.

I've been making more crochet blankets and would have posted fotos by now but for the fact that the sd cards all seem to have disappeared. Don't  want to buy anymore, so will keep looking. There must be 3 or 4 in the house.

I have made 4 baby blankets recently, 2 blue and white, and 2 peach, lemon and white.

Dinner tonight is mashed potato, Quorn fillets (reduced) and a nice big cabbage from the farm shop and gravy. Off now to look at a pattern I've just aquired for above mentioned birthday present.

Cheerio folks.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Just Popping In

Hello dear reader,

Thank you very much for your kind comments on my last post, I really appreciate it.

Haven't felt like blogging lately as I feel like our life is in limbo at the moment. Polly is still around at the moment but I don't think it will be long before I have to make the dreaded decision :(

On our last trip to the vets they said that when she has more bad days than good, then that is the time...

I realise this and I hate the thought of her suffering, and want to do right by her.

She is a slower now getting up and moving around, but is still a piggie, enjoying her food. (and her walks, once she is out). She tried to chase a seagull yesterday on her daily walk Lol.

I've been cooking her real chicken every other day for a treat.

On a lighter, and more positive note, I have been trying new recipes, and hope to post about them soon.

I've also been filling the freezer with homemade vegetarian ready meals, again I hope to post about it soon.

I have also been making a couple of granny squares baby blankets and cutting up fabric for quilt making future projects and will post photos soon when I feel up to it.

Thank you for reading, bye for now.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Sad Times.

Last week my old Lhasa Apso, Rosie Posie had to go to the vets as she had developed a swelling on her rear end and the vet said it was a large tumor. She said we could try giving her steroids which MIGHT halt its growth, but it wouldn't shrink it and she hopefully might live another couple of months at most but would be miserable and uncomfortable. As she was over 14 years old and almost blind, and had already had an operation to remove lots of teeth  about 3 years ago, I didn't feel it was fair to put her through any more  so I made the heartbreaking decision to have her put to sleep.

All that and tomorrow, Polly my Golden Retriever, has her monthly check up with the vets tomorrow morning. She still is enjoying life mostly, though she has the odd day where she isn't so lively, but she still enjoys her walks and food and lots of cuddles.  Her muscles are weaker though and she struggles sometimes, to get up, but I'm hoping the vet will say she is ok to carry on a bit longer. I'm dreading it though.  On Wednesday, my eldest took her over the field for her usual walk, and the cheeky monkey went lolloping over to the football players to try and get their ball. She seems to find it easier to canter along than to walk.

Bye for now.

Monday, 13 August 2012

To the vets again!

In the early morning of Saturday just gone, (4.50 to be precise) I was woken by my golden retriever Polly. She was making a wining noise and I was very worried about her as she has been having treatment for Arthritis. I wasn't sure if she was having a dream or  a pain but she settled again and I made sure she was ok then busied myself about until it got to 8 o'clock when I phoned the vets and got an appointment to take her in at 10 am.

On examination, the vet confirmed that she is a bit more stiff and uncomfortable and has lost a bit of muscle tone, but that her painkillers could be upped a little. I asked lots of questions and the vet said that as long as she is still enjoying life and eating ( which most of the time she does eat like a pig) then she will probably be ok for a month or two but that she would probably not be good to go through the winter weather (which is what I've said to the family all along). 

She has been with us for 13 & 1/2 years and we can't bear to let her go but we love her too much to let her suffer so fingers crossed the tablets will keep her pain free enough to enjoy life for as long as possible.

Was going to post another photo of her but can't find one on this pc so will look again and maybe be back later with one.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Georgie had 3 teeth taken out!!

Above, is Georgie yesterday evening. It was great to get her back safe and sound yesterday.

Spot the bandage on her front paw where she had the needle for Anaesthetic. She had 3 teeth out in the end and was very very groggy all day yesterday.

She has been given an antibiotic injection which should last 14 days as she refused to take it by mouth. We tried disguising the tablet in the food but she wasn't having any of it and she actually lost 6 ounces in less than 4 days because she wasn't eating much. The little monkey.

We went to the tip today to get rid of recycling and tat that I couldn't freecycle from my major declutter with a car full and after that we went for a walk over the field and Georgie almost seemed her normal self apart from she wouldn't run like she normally does. It was great to get her back safe and sound yesterday.

Eventually I paid £179 for the treatment. Less than was estimated because she didn't have as many teeth out as they thought (as they hadn't been able to look in her mouth) but still a lot.

No spend today. Instead, we are using up what's in the freezer. I think new potatoes (reduced from Sainsburys), Quorn peppered steaks (2 for a £1 offer in Asda), and some mixed veg from sainsburys.

Bye for now.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

My Bunting For The Olympics

Above is a photo I took today of some of the bunting I made recently. I put it up at the start of the Olympics.

Our team GB are doing really great so far. We have a local girl still in line for a possible medal in the sailing I think. Fingers crossed.

Here is a photo of my cheeky cat Silvie who loves to lie on top of the tv, often turning the channel over or the volume up while we are trying to watch it, so comical. (the buttons are on the top).

My chihuahua Georgie has a loose tooth so she is going to the vets tomorrow morning for an anesthetic to have it removed and look to see if there are any others that need attention, and also for a clean. She wouldn't  let the vet look in her mouth but we saw that it was loose when we noticed she seemed under the weather last week.  Very worried about her having the anesthetic as we know it carries a risk. She has never been away from us and never been parted from her sister Lily, so we know she will be scared. It's like leaving your baby with strangers in a strange place. But it must be done. Hopefully all will be well and she will come back with most of her teeth all cleaned up. No chance for a frugal spend there as we have  a quote of £250 odd for Anesthetic, 2 to 5 extractions and cleaning her teeth, OUCH!

Oh well, must go now. She has to be there for 9 in the morning so off to bed.  Will be back tomorrow to record how she gets on.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Exmouth is lovely

We had a horrendous journey there and back with many accidents (not involving us, thankfully), but I didn't have a panic attack, even though a tractor behind us didn't see the red light and almost,and I mean a VERY almost, run into the back of us. His machine was jumping up and down trying to brake at the last minute. Then he had the cheek to beep us! Some people!

Exmouth is lovely and we are still unsure wether to move. We will think about it. We didn't have time to look at the cornwall house.  I forgot how long ago it was that I had driven that far, it was such a long drive from Essex. The way the looneys drive on the M25 and the M4 is unbelievable. Not a journey I would like to make very often. No wonder there are so many accidents. We were doing 70 miles an hour and the outside lane were flying past like we were standing still! NUTTERS!

On a sadder note, my 13 & 1/2 year old Golden Retreiver's  legs are failing her more now and I am dreading the day when her painkillers run out and I have to take her back to the vets.  It's about a week to go until they run out  now and I'm dreading it. She has been part of the family since a pup and since my youngest was a toddler. The vet did say they could up her dose but that is only for the pain. If her legs are too weak that is a different thing altogether. I don't know. All of us are dreading it, as we don't want her to suffer.

Not a good time at the moment , so will say goodnight for now.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

I got a Freebie hooray!

I found an advert in a newsagents window on a postcard for a FREE cooker the other day. I had to wire it into the wall which was a pain as it was awkward to get to but it's all installed now.
It has hardly been used and in good condition and good working order. I can't believe my luck!

The old cooker will go to the scrapyard for a few bob aswell. Happy days.

I have also acquired a biube fish tank to go with my biorb but the light wire was loose and only came on if you wiggled it so I cut the dodgy bit off and I've rewired it and now it works perfectly. This tank will go in my bedroom, the other biorb is in the living room. I find fish tanks very soothing.

Lot's of stuff being given away to clear the house. I used to find it difficult to throw things out as I always think I might find a use for things and also I'm incredibly sentimental. Such a pain. But it's getting easier now.

I was dumping a tatty old chest of drawers  at the tip 2 days ago and I saw a woman about to dump a perfectly good rug, so I asked her if I could have it and she said yes. It's now in my living room having been hoovered and steam cleaned with my Shark which was a frugal £10 from $esco a few months ago.

Going to see family in Wales and to look at 2 houses on Monday yippee!
One house is in Truro and the other is in Exmouth. Only bad thing about it is I am terrified of motorways and sometimes get debilitating panic attacks. Saying that, I was alright driving my eldest to London to see 'Queen' playing live at Hammersmith Opollo which turned into 3 hours each way due to road closure and I didn't panic once so fingers crossed.

Hello to my new reader. I'm up to 43 now :)

Night folks.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Maybe moving to Exmouth?

Hello Dear Readers,

Welcome to my new readers, 41 now so hopefully I will soon be able to have my giveaway.

Does anyone come from Exmouth?

The reason I haven't had time to blog for a week or so is because I've been busy decluttering the house even more urgently as we may be moving to Exmouth and don't want to pay to take unwanted clutter with us thus upping removal costs.

I may have mentioned before that I love Devon and Cornwall and have been hoping to be able to move down there one day and now it looks like it may be happening!

If anyone has any stories or info about the area I would be glad of it.  The more we can find out about the town and area the better informed choice we can make about whether to make the move or not.  I'm looking to move away from East Anglia for a slower pace of living.  We will be going down to look at the house next weekend (all being well).  I have been trawling the internet to find out what I can that way.

Anyway, more to do so bye for now.

I am interested in whether it really does rain that much more than the south east.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Fruit Picking and Cycling to trim up a bit.

Today we went to 2 fruit farms and picked these beauties:

Gooseberries, Raspberries, Strawberries and Broadbeans.
The broadbeans I have hulled and frozen.
The fruit I intend to make tarts, jam and fresh with whipped cream.

Recently I bought a bike with basket and lights from one of those ads in shop windows for £20.  The woman originally wanted £25 but I waved the £20 note in front of her and she accepted.

I wouldn't buy a new bike as it's a waste of money if I can get it 2nd hand in good condition for a fraction of the price.

For a few years now I have been overweight and am always intending to eat more healthily and get a little more excercise and I started Sunday.
I usually go with my eldest and the 2 chihuahua babbas in their special doggie basket with frame lid on.
They love going 'in the basket on the bike'
Here is a photo of the doggie basket, which I think came from halfords.... it cost about £22. The green bike that it is attatched to is another bike I got from freecycle a couple of years ago.

Sorry it's not very clear but I will take another pic tomorrow complete with occupants:)

Off now for a browse on the interweb.

Monday, 25 June 2012

A busy day and Wimbledon is back, yay.

Hello Readers.

Yesterday it hammered down with rain but it was a  lovely sunny day today here in East Anglia.

As I have mentioned before I am on a decluttering mission (due to being a prolific hoarder and sentimentalist) is that a word by the way?

I have a brick shed and until a week ago it was jam packed with mostly junk so much so that we couldn't take a step in. But now I have been ruthless (for me anyway)  about 2 thirds of the stuff has gone and it is now a functioning shed. Found 2 drills! And lots of tools. What we couldn't give away, went to the tip apart from the brass ornaments which are going to the scrap yard tomorrow.

For the last week I have had an old, non working, fridge freezer (found buried in the shed) at the front of the house by the side gate and have had no end of people knocking on my door asking if they could take it for scrap to which I said no as I was taking it myself. Today we had collected old metal bits and bobs lying around the sheds and garden and filled the boot and drove to the scrap yard and collected £10 for it, not a lot I know but better in our pocket and it went halfway to paying for the guttering and flashing needed to finish off the passage roof re-do.

The garden is getting tidier as the weather improves for a few days.

Repairs were made to the small polytunnel which decided to take off in the wind the other day. (Good old duck tape)

All the plants we were given are doing well.

In the afternoon I watched some tennis as YAY, Wimbledon is back.

Had a frugal dinner tonight: Sainsburys basics Savoury veg and rice ( about 30p per packet) used 3 of these between 4 of us with 2 Mc Cartney sausages each (I had 2 yellow stickered fishcakes). When the rice was almost cooked and had absorbed all of the water, I added a splosh of sweet chilli sauce to pep it up a bit. Nothing wasted as what we don't eat, tonight it was about 2 mouthfulls, the dogs finish off. I hate seeing good food go into the bin.

Tomorrow, more pottering in the garden and cutting fabric for another patchwork quilt with some fabric I found in the shed. Hopefully some photos will get taken of the progress.

Bye for now.

Friday, 22 June 2012

My youngest singing in school charity show.

Here is the link if you would like to see my daughter singing 'Rolling in The Deep'  a song by Adele with her school friends in their charity show yesterday:  she is the one in the middle with short hair and wearing shorts.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Photos of freecycled plants and spider plant babies

Hello dear readers.
These are the plants I got from a lovely freecycler the other day:
Runner ~Beans my favourite yum :)
Cabbage and cauli.
More runner beans and tomatoes.
Tomatoes. (strawberries I got from £sda.)
This is the kale I think. 

All the plants needed a good drink and were out growing their pots so needed transferring quickly. I look forward to and hope for a good crop , and all for free.
Remember that baby spider plant I picked up from the floor in my daughter's school a few weeks ago?  It's been in a pot of water on the kitchen windowsill and has rooted so now I have 13 babies! Result.

 Off now to find some more brass to take to the scrap yard. I phoned up a few of them today and the best price I can get is £2.40 per kilo. Not as much as it was on The Apprentice last year  but that was in London.   

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Freecycle and Plants. Decluttering, Recycling, Money and Singing.

Hello Readers,

I didn't have much success with seeds this year, mainly due to the weather and slugs.
Freecycle saved the day however in the form of a very kind lady who gave me lots of young plants that she had spare as she just oversowed.
She gave me 4 different kinds of tomatoes, runner beans, french beans, broccoli, cabbage, and kale. When I find my sd card I will take photos. At a guess I have been given at least 50 plants. I will count them when I photo them.

I have been on a major declutttering mission this year on and off and have been collecting together anything metal to fill up the car and see what we could get from the scrap man. We had an old bbq, a defunct petrol mower and a few other odds and sods and what did he give me?  A princely sum of £5!!!  I had hoped for more but concidered it a blessing as a few years ago it would have gone into the metal bin at the tip but I have changed my mind about that and thought the £5 was better in my pocket. We coincided the trip with going to b & q as we needed a few paving slabs and the £5 went towards two of the 8 slabs we bought. Lovely jubbly:)

I have also been saving drinks cans and have a full bin bag of flattened aluminium cans to go to the scrap man when I have collected enough brass to go too.  I have gone off brass a bit now and also because I am decluttering and need the money (vets bills don't ask, will tell you later) so another trip planned for soon. This time I am hoping for more as I know brass is worth a reasonable amount.

Next week my daughter's school is holding a charity singing show and she is singing 2 songs, 1 with a group and then she is closing the show with a song on her own. She has taught herself to play piano and will be playing and singing a song at the same time.  If I can get it filmed I will try to put it on here. We filmed her last year aswell so I will see if I can find it. I know she's mine but I think she is good and very brave doing that in front of the school in their hall. Might be back later if I can find my sd card.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Homemade Butter and Hummus.

Hello Dear Readers,

Yesterday I made butter:

All I did was put 2 cartons of double cream from aldi into my mixer, added about half a teaspoon of salt, and turned it on to beat for about 5 minutes until the butter had formed lumps and the buttermilk was sloshing about. I then gathered the butter into 3 balls squeezing any remaining buttermilk out and voila!

We were pottering in the garden on and off all day yesterday so had an easy meal of baked potato, (with my homemade butter) some salad and grated cheese and mayo on top. (Sorry forgot to take photos).

I now have a bowl of buttermilk which I will use when I bake some bread later today.  

The Hummus I made today was from this book

I used it as a guide.
2 tins of chickpeas into a bowl.

I sploshed in some lime juice as I have no lemon juice.

Then I finely chopped 2 cloves of garlic. They had started to sprout so I will probably plant a few cloves
 and hope they grow, I've never grown garlic before.

I then added 3 tbsp of olive oil (from aldi) and the same of tahini paste.Season to taste and mix together until smooth.

Great with baked potatoes or as I just had as a dip with quavers yum :)

My girls are being little darlings and providing us with plenty of eggs and now I am wondering if they can be frozen in any way like maybe shelled and put into pots ready for baking at a later date. Does anyone know? Any ideas gratefully received.

Bye for now.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Walking the little fluffies.

  Here are some photos  of us getting out with our little monkeys in the sun yesterday:

Sorry I couldn't upload the videos for some reason so I will try that another day, I'm not very up on uploading things on here yet.  We had a lovely walk and the fluffy babes really enjoyed exploring.
Back later maybe. Bye for now.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

homemade coleslaw, quick baked potato and economy stain remover

Last week I made coleslaw with:

Shredded white cabbage in a bowl with some finely chopped red pepper, celery,tomato, radish, then I stirred in  3 tablesps  mayo, 1 tbspn vinegar and 1 teaspn of wholegrain mustard. We had it with quick home baked potato:

I zap them in the microwave (4 potatoes) for about 12 minutes then finish them on about gas 7 for about  15 to 20 minutes to get that crispy skin and flavour which you don't get with just cooking them in the microwave.

I'm fed up with paying silly prices for stain remover for my washing which doesn't even always work and I had run out anyway so I sprayed some basic lemon multi surface cleaner which is only about 30 pence for a 750 ml bottle which I decanted into an old cif spray bottle and it works as good as so more money saving.

Off to take the dogs out now and take in some vitamin D.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Getting things done, de-cluttering, finding things,stockpiling, and cooking, for a start.

Haven't been blogging this last week gone, although I have been reading a few, as we've been de-cluttering again so that some decorating can be done. I found a multi-chef pro food processor (aquired by way of freecycle) which I have been looking for for ages. Just hope it still works. If it does, I will search online for some instructions for it.

We are planning on painting the living room, hall and stairs this week, so today we went to the supermarket and bought a cheap roller set (under £2), brushes set (also under £2), and some one coat gloss for the doors as we've already got emulsion for the walls to make a start. We also needed more socks  so found some for 4 for £4.

I am trying to get a bit of a stockpile going as the cost of shopping goes up every week. Economy tins of tuna went up 10p one week!! These are the 2 book cases (basics) bought from b & q recently, in our dining room loaded with my hoard.

  You may recognise some of it from app foods ie the stir fry sachets,  catering size sauce bottles large bags of pizza mix and such.

Below are more photos of my stash of tinned food in the side passage stored in my parents old dressing table which I don't like to discard as it's a memory from my childhood and now it serves a purpose as food storage.

I popped into my youngest'  school recently and whilst waiting for her I was sitting on a chair next to a very large spider plant which was sprouting lots of baby plants. I spotted 1 that had dropped off and was lying on the floor so I picked it up, and when I got home I popped it into a small bowl with some water. In a few weeks I should have my own rooted spider plant all for free! Happy with things so far.

My youngest and eldest decided to buy some flowers to put on their grandfather's grave this week so they bought 2 bunches of flowers. There were so many, we managed to get a small bunch left to keep in the house. I love having flowers and plants in the house.

In sains this week they were selling 2 x 2 pints of bagged milk for £1 with a free jugit so I bought 8 bags and put 6 in the freezer.

Yesterday I found that asda had started to stock the instant cheese sauce packets again woo woo! They haven't been stocking them for months and hadn't had a shelf for them so I thought they had stopped doing them but ever the optomist I keep checking  every time I went in the shop and got lucky. They are 4 for a £1 so much cheaper than usual. I bought 24 packets.

So yesterday I made past bake with cooked basics pasta in an oven proof dish with some frozen sweetcorn, tin of basics tuna, 4 eggs from my hens just cracked and thrown in, 2 packets of the cheese sauce was stirred in and it was covered with a layer of cheese ( buy one, get one free in sains). Cooked in the oven on gas 5 for 45 mins. Tasty :)  Was so hungry I forgot to take a photo. Had enough for 2 portions for lunch today.

Off with the chihuahuas now to walk it off in the field. If I can remember to take my camera I will take some photos and blog later.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Home made veg curry

Yesterday we had veggie curry made by boiling up a bag of frozen, mixed chunky veg and simmering till cooked then adding a basics jar of veg curry sauce which had been heated up in the microwave. I served this with some cous cous. It went down very well and there was enough leftover for 3 more meals which have been frozen for another day.Only spent £41 at supermarkert yesterday :) Using up stuff in the freezer helps (had to as it needs defrosting since door was left ajar recently.)
 I plan to make roast dinner tomorrow veggie of course.
Bye for now.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Soup and more sewing

My car tax is due at the end of the month so I am using up more stuff in the freezer to save doing a large shop this week. Found a bag of soup mix veg from my stash which was reduced from £2 to 30 pence around christmas last year. I defrosted this in the stock pan then added 2 tins of tomatoes and some boiled sliced potatoes. I cooked this with some added paprika, salt, pepper and dried chilli flakes for about half an hour. Then I got the stick blender and gave it a whizz. Tasty with some crusty bread and homemade butter and an easy, cheap,nutricious meal

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

pics and rain

Hello Readers.

Above is the Winnie Pooh bunting I made for my cousin's first child, a baby boy. I thought she would like it for the nursery, at least I hope so. It will be winging its way to Wales later today. It is double sided, the other side is plain white. I had to make the bias binding as I had run out of tape which was a pain but wanted to get it finished.

The red,white and blue bunting is what I have been making quite a few of to use up some of my stash of fabric. If I had had enough of it I would have made a patchwork quilt but I didn't and in hindsight,  it might have been a bit too much anyway.

Can't do much outside as its wet and pouring on and off most days lately. I know we need the rain but it does make everywhere messy especially when you have dogs.

I've been watching The Voice on bbc and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.
There is a young lady called Ruth who has an amazing voice. I hope she wins, although I think most of the contestants are very talented. Darned sight better than bgt on itv in my opinion.

We had roast dinner (just the veggies)  last night but I didn't have enough gravy powder so I put a tin of tomatoes in a jug, added some paprika and cayenne pepper and zapped it for 3 minutes then stirred in the leftover gravy powder and we were all very surprised at how tasty it was! Will probably try something like that again.
Anyone else got any different ideas for gravy?

Back with more pics next time.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Lots of sewing.

Hello Readers,
I've been really busy lately and lots of sewing and sowing has been done. Just tried to upload pics but I can't find them so will try again later.

I've made bunting, a liner and cover for my wicker shopping basket, headbands, door hangers, sunhats and keyrings.

The weather has been shockingly bad this last week but I spose we shouldn't complain too much as we need the rain. At least the sun has been out inbetween the showers. It's beautifully sunny outside at the moment. I have a load in the washing machine ready to go out so I hope it stays like it to get that dry at least.

I have lots of seeds on the go now including tomatoes, lettuce, leeks, peas and broadbeans. We also have some fruit bushes and trees to plant.

Might go to London tomorrow to see the Marathon.

Thank you to all my followers, old and new, please keep popping by and leave a comment if you can.

Off now, the sewing machine is calling :)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I've made a quilted Cafetiere Cosy!

       This is the cafetiere cosy I made today( well actually it's 2.15 am on tuesday morning, cos I can't sleep) but I made it on monday evening.  It's made from a tea towel bought as a pack of 10 from the supermarket. Think I will make a tea cosy to match.  Might make this cafetiere cosy one of my Giveaways.

I found a piece of net curtain in the washing basket which is what was cut off the living room door curtain and waiting for a purpose and today I got an idea. It's just the right size to be a runner on my dressing table, it just needs a hem round the edges.Will do that later today.

Welcome to my new followers this last week, the numbers are gradually creeping up to 30.Please become a follower and leave a comment and you can go into the hat for the giveaway.

Bye for now.

Saturday, 7 April 2012


Good Evening Readers.

I haven't been blogging for the last week or so as I've been busing reading tutorials on you tube about quilt making.
I am interested in, and do a lot of different crafts and quilting is something I have somehow managed to miss but I have wanted to do it for years and now I have finally made a start!
I intended to start a king sized one for my bed first but in the end I got distracted by some fabrics I had and decided on a baby's quilt as that was all there was enough fabric for.
I'm certainly glad I started on something small as it was very tricky on my small domestic machine.
The photo above is the quilt almost finished, I just have to do the binding.
The photo is not very good. I will hopefully get a better one done tomorrow when the quilt is finished.

I think my next project is going to be patchwork placemats. I went to town again today and bought the thermo wadding stuff for them and I've just got to decide on the colours. I saw the gorgeous flower fabric in the shop and got 2 metres and 2 metres of the red flowery fabric (photo above with the thermo wadding in the middle).

I also found my cafetiere whilst sorting out a cupboard so will try to design a quilted cosy for it.

I am still thinking about what else to have for my giveaway if I can get to 50 followers. One idea is an apron I made from recycled curtain fabric. I will post a photo of it tomorrow.

I'm off now to make a plastic template for patchwork out of an old video case as when I looked at one in the shop they wanted £9 for it! It was only four and a half inches square, shocking rip off.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sewing and a Giveaway..(Added, a carrier bag dispenser Tutorial in photos)

I plan to make a couple of carrier bag dispensers this morning.Also a school bag as a surprise for my youngest. I plan to use an old yellow gingham curtain for the dispensers and some lovely cath kidston fabrics,probably in patchwork for the school bag, will decide when I gather the fabrics together.

I will be back with some photos when I've finished. As I am typing I have had an idea for a giveaway.

I now have 25 lovely followers and if I can get up to 50 then I will have a giveaway definately.  One of the items will be a carrier bag dispenser, fabric yet to be decided but it will be pretty, and I will have to have a think about one or two other items.

Cheerio for now:)

And now for the photos:

I decided on some blue gingham fabric I found in my stash which was left over from when I made my daughters' summer school dresses and matching sun hats.

I am making two bags so I cut two pieces roughly 19 inches square.
Folded in half right sides together, I sewed it about 1/4 inch in from the edge then I zig zagged stitched the edge (I could have just overlocked it together but couldn't be bothered to lug it out from the back of the cupboard.

I found some white ric rac in my box and turned over a small hem top and bottom and sewed on the ric rac overlapping the ends for a neater finish and so that it doesn't fray.

Then I cut 2 pieces of fabric 2 inches wide by about 8 and 1/2 inches long. This is for the hanging loop.
I should have ironed this but I couldn't be bothered to lug the iron and ironing board out.
I folded it in half lengthwise then tucked the edges inside and sewed this together right side out.

Sorry about the fuzzy photo below.

Then I zig zagged it down on the inside on the hem.

I got some narrow elastic about a 1/4 inch wide and cut 2 pieces approx 7 and 9 inches long.
The longer piece I stitched on the inside of the bag about 1 inch from the top, stretching the elastic as I went along so that it would fit. Don't forget if you want to try this it's best to overlap the elastic so that it is secure, neat, and doesn't fray. That is the tricky bit.

The shorter piece of elastic was sewn about an inch up from the bottom hem and that was even tricker as I had to stretch it even more.

Here it is turned inside out and already filled with carrier bags.

I made 2 like I said as we have quite a lot of carriers. I will have to make my daughter's bag tomorrow I think because I can't find the right thread.