Thursday, 1 December 2011

Recycling and Knitting

Hello Readers,
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I hope more followers join us.

Here is a link to a you tube video I found today which you might like to watch:
Its a lady making a fruit bowl out of spiral binders from writing and drawing pads.

There was also one on making a doormat out of old corks which I think is fantastic and the link for that is here:

Dinner for us today was quite frugal, vegetarian meatballs made with 2 tins of tomatoes, parsley and sainsburys basics dried mixed herbs and I cooked some basics spaghetti. No leftovers :)

Here are some photos of my latest craft projects.

The pink Moebius scarf is the first time I have made one and I didn't use a pattern. Funnily enough around the same time that I was knitting this, Hardup Hester blogged that she was making one, what a coincidence.( I love her blog, its very funny and also sad at times and she seems really kind and generous.)

Then I knitted the socks which I have made before, and I have started another pair. The trouble with buying sock wool is that it is so expensive! :(

The hats I just knitted up randomly without a knitting pattern.

I absolutely love crafting.

My daughter has just started knitting squares to make a blanket for our bebbies Lily and Georgie our Chihuahuas.

I have also knitted 2 dog coats for them and embroidered their names on and I get loads of appreciative comments about them. (The coats and dogs:) )

Anyway, thats about it for today, hope to be back tomorrow with more photos.
Night night.

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