Monday, 5 December 2011

Lakeside Shopping Centre a motorcycle crash and home made fat balls for the wild birds

The family went to Lakeside Shopping Centre on Saturday.  I wanted to set off by 1 ish so I told my daughters we were going to leave at about 12 and in the end we left at 1.10pm so that wasn't a bad guess lol.

I didn't enjoy it too much as it was too big but my daughters did. The lights were pretty and window displays were good so I took a video of one of them. Here it is:

Ok, its up above.  I'm not too clever with computers, sorry.

Also some lovely lights  here:

Or maybe above with the video again lol.

I went to Ikea to get some lights, tealight lanterns, which were quite reasonably priced i thought at £2.99 and 2 Solar Desk Lamps.

The solar lamps were the main reason for me going in there after someone mentioned them on frugal queens blog I think. They  were less than I expected aswell at £15.

The girls got some christmas presents aswell.

On the way home it wasn't so good as someone had an accident on their motorbike (they survived fortunately) and we were only 15 minutes from home but it took us 2 more hours!  Luckily we had the radio and had a bit of a sing song.

On Sunday I found some out of date vegetable fat (way out other wise I would have used it) so decided to make some fat balls ( only they weren't ball shaped lol ) by melting the fat, then mixing bird seed in and filling up small plastic tubs and used foil trays. Then I placed them on the feeding station which I got from Aldi a couple of years ago.  I hope to show a photo of it tomorrow.

Bye for now.


  1. lovely pics and video.what are the solar lamps like? I'm trying to save energy and solar lamps sound right up my street.

  2. i have ikea solar lights - not brilliant in the winter as the light isn't always bright enough