Tuesday, 1 November 2011

More Crafting, iphone covers and crochet blanket

I made these iphone covers a few days ago, I think they are cute. My daughter's friends asked me to make some.I think the daisy one is my favourite.

I found through a friend, a chap who is hopefully going to sort out my car to get it through its MOT tomorrow. Fingers crossed he can.

Thank you Mum for popping over and leaving a comment. I've been reading your blog too. I love the cat photos by the way.  I have also finished another crochet square blanket, this time in blue and cream and will post the photo as soon as I take it

I welcome any readers to leave a comment if they wish. Its nice to hear from fellow Frugalers and Crafters.. 


  1. I found you through The Frugal Queen. I must say the little long haired Chihuahuas sucked me in big time! Your blog looks wonderful and can't wait to see all that you are up to, frugal-wise!

  2. Hi

    I found you through Hester. I love the iphone covers you've made, especially the union jack ones. The pasta recipe looks good too. Good luck with the blog!

  3. I found you through Hester as well. Love the iphone covers - I can't even choose a favourite. i want them all yet I don't have an iphone! I'm a newbie too. Glad I found you!

  4. hi
    the i-phone pocket looks wonderful.
    lovely blog.