Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Dentist.

Sorry I haven't blogged recently but I've been nursing an abcess in my jaw. I've a morbid fear of the dentist and knew I should have gone weeks ago but went to the doctors instead to get pain killers (Solpadol) and antibiotics. Eventually the pain got so bad and believe me it was that eventually I booked the dentist appointment, he looked at my mouth and said 'that has to come out' so I said I couldn't face it and he said he could refer me to an orthodontist who could sedate me but it would'nt be until at least the 10th December but I would have to go in again the next day to get a proper checkup (this was just an emergency appointment you see)  so that he could see what other treatment I may need referring for. Anyway the next day I went in (this was last week) but the pain was so unabearable (I have had 4 children so know what proper pain is) I plucked up the courage (whilst trembling with fear and pain) and asked him if he would just take it out now which is what happened.

Well he pulled and yanked for what seemed like ages and I felt like my jaw was going to dislocate as I had to force myself back into the chair against him and eventually I heard a crack! Turns out I had a hook root on one side and he had to break it I suppose to make it come out. I asked him if he managed to get it all out and he said yes and showed me both pieces and asked if I'd like to keep it . (This is one reason why I had such a phobia as my father told me he had these roots on his tooth.)

I've still been in quite a lot of pain enough to stay on the solpadol until today as my jaw took a bit of a bashing I suppose but I've gradually reduced the dose as I don't like taking strong tablets, especially these as I've heard they can become addictive, plus they didn't agree with my stomach. Also I'm still on the antibiotics until next thursday (2 week course).

Anyway, something that may make you laugh after all that, my daughter was with me and she laughed when I came out of the treatment room because she said that the whole side of my face was drooping a lot including my eye LoL. She was telling the truth because when I had to sign my name in there I couldn't see out of my left eye.  I was so frightened you see that he had to give me about 6 injections to numb my gum because I was so hyped up I could still feel it. LoL  ooooooohhhh never again.

Anyone got any phobias they'd like to share?



  1. Poor you! Maybe you could put the tooth under your pillow and see if the tooth fairy makes a visit! You have reminded me I have to make an appointment with my dentist for a check up which I have been stalling for a bit.
    Phobias-SPIDERS- need I say moreX

  2. Poor you! How awful. Hope you feel better soon. I'm really afraid of heights. When I fly I always look warily out the window at the earth rotating beneath me and I worry that I'm not on it! But I love being places - it's the travel I could do without! Speedy recovery to you!

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  4. I am terrified of the dentist to the point where he actually sedates me, cleans my teeth, does any work, xrays all that at once. Only because he knows I might not come back for awhile. I had an abces in my tooth and was in so much pain I had to go.