Sunday, 16 October 2011

First Blog Hi There!

Hi everyone.
This is my first blog. 
I intend to share my regular efforts of Saving Money, Crafting, Recipes etc.
Hope you enjoy reading.

I have been planning on keeping warmer this winter by making Lap Blankets  (Will post Pics later) to keep all the family warm while saving a bit of money keeping the heating down a bit as it is So expensive.
Wish I had a log burner so we could get our own free fuel from the local woods.

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  1. Hi Frugal Freesia - we had the chimney rebuilt because we'd had a chimney fire last year and it cracked, we claimed on our insurance. If we had to pay ourselves, which we didn't it would have cost about £3K for the lot. The insurance didn't organise the builder or anything but we did, so we made the money they gave us do the lot. We had to pay £250 excess and that's all we had to pay for all of it.