Monday, 5 December 2011

Lakeside Shopping Centre a motorcycle crash and home made fat balls for the wild birds

The family went to Lakeside Shopping Centre on Saturday.  I wanted to set off by 1 ish so I told my daughters we were going to leave at about 12 and in the end we left at 1.10pm so that wasn't a bad guess lol.

I didn't enjoy it too much as it was too big but my daughters did. The lights were pretty and window displays were good so I took a video of one of them. Here it is:

Ok, its up above.  I'm not too clever with computers, sorry.

Also some lovely lights  here:

Or maybe above with the video again lol.

I went to Ikea to get some lights, tealight lanterns, which were quite reasonably priced i thought at £2.99 and 2 Solar Desk Lamps.

The solar lamps were the main reason for me going in there after someone mentioned them on frugal queens blog I think. They  were less than I expected aswell at £15.

The girls got some christmas presents aswell.

On the way home it wasn't so good as someone had an accident on their motorbike (they survived fortunately) and we were only 15 minutes from home but it took us 2 more hours!  Luckily we had the radio and had a bit of a sing song.

On Sunday I found some out of date vegetable fat (way out other wise I would have used it) so decided to make some fat balls ( only they weren't ball shaped lol ) by melting the fat, then mixing bird seed in and filling up small plastic tubs and used foil trays. Then I placed them on the feeding station which I got from Aldi a couple of years ago.  I hope to show a photo of it tomorrow.

Bye for now.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Check out my new craft blog

Hello Readers,

Just popped by to say that I have started a new blog to showcase my craft projects that I have for sale.

I love Cath Kidston fabrics so a lot of the items I will list are made with her fabric.

Some will be just one offs, some there will be a run of 5 to 10.  It depends on my mood and what time I have. I am also open to taking Bespoke orders depending on the time availability.

As you will have guessed by now, I am a keen crafter and experienced machinist so I thought, especially as its coming up to christmas I might as well put my talents to good use.

Feel free to pop over and have a look and make comments, ask questions and let other people know about it.

This is the address:

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Recycling and Knitting

Hello Readers,
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I hope more followers join us.

Here is a link to a you tube video I found today which you might like to watch:
Its a lady making a fruit bowl out of spiral binders from writing and drawing pads.

There was also one on making a doormat out of old corks which I think is fantastic and the link for that is here:

Dinner for us today was quite frugal, vegetarian meatballs made with 2 tins of tomatoes, parsley and sainsburys basics dried mixed herbs and I cooked some basics spaghetti. No leftovers :)

Here are some photos of my latest craft projects.

The pink Moebius scarf is the first time I have made one and I didn't use a pattern. Funnily enough around the same time that I was knitting this, Hardup Hester blogged that she was making one, what a coincidence.( I love her blog, its very funny and also sad at times and she seems really kind and generous.)

Then I knitted the socks which I have made before, and I have started another pair. The trouble with buying sock wool is that it is so expensive! :(

The hats I just knitted up randomly without a knitting pattern.

I absolutely love crafting.

My daughter has just started knitting squares to make a blanket for our bebbies Lily and Georgie our Chihuahuas.

I have also knitted 2 dog coats for them and embroidered their names on and I get loads of appreciative comments about them. (The coats and dogs:) )

Anyway, thats about it for today, hope to be back tomorrow with more photos.
Night night.

Monday, 28 November 2011

A Few Of My Frugal Ways

Hello Readers, and thank you for all your kind comments so far and thank you for following me.

I thought today I would list a few of my frugal ways although I know that probably most of you do some or all of them it may give some of you a few ideas.

1. When cooking on the hob I always keep the lids on as this keeps the heat in to save energy and the food cooks quicker.

2. I usually start off with boiling water from the kettle to save the gas and also my time.

3. I keep a few chickens so cooked and raw peelings are fed to them. What they can't eat goes onto the compost heap. (Not cooked food though.)

4. Veg cooks quicker when cut up small so I try to do this.

5. After using the oven, if it's cold I leave the oven door open to heat the room.

6. I can't afford to have the heating on much so if it's already on I will turn it off before starting to cook a main evening meal and until we have finished eating as I find we don't notice its cooler while the oven is on and we are being warmed from inside as we are eating. Also I think appetites seem better and less picky.

7. If we are just watching television, we cover ourselves with quilts or blankets.

8. As the light fades I draw the curtains, especially in bedrooms and other rooms not being used at that time of day to keep the heat in.

9. When straining boiled veg, the water goes straight into a bowl or jug to make gravy or cheese/parsley sauce. This saves energy and also some of the vitamins that are otherwise lost in the cooking water. Any extra strained water is cooled and frozen in a margerine or ice cream tub to make gravy or stock another day.

10. I re-use plastic carrier bags for rubbish as that saves the black refuse bags from splitting which would mean using two.

11. I always try to fill my pans to the top even if we don't need that much food cooked at the time because I will freeze it ready cooked for another day. This saves energy and time.

Thats all I can think of tonight. I will add more another day.Has anyone any money or time saving ideas they would like to share?

P.S. Will pop back later if I get the opportunity, to upload a photo of my recent knitting project, my first attempt at a moebius scarf.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Dentist.

Sorry I haven't blogged recently but I've been nursing an abcess in my jaw. I've a morbid fear of the dentist and knew I should have gone weeks ago but went to the doctors instead to get pain killers (Solpadol) and antibiotics. Eventually the pain got so bad and believe me it was that eventually I booked the dentist appointment, he looked at my mouth and said 'that has to come out' so I said I couldn't face it and he said he could refer me to an orthodontist who could sedate me but it would'nt be until at least the 10th December but I would have to go in again the next day to get a proper checkup (this was just an emergency appointment you see)  so that he could see what other treatment I may need referring for. Anyway the next day I went in (this was last week) but the pain was so unabearable (I have had 4 children so know what proper pain is) I plucked up the courage (whilst trembling with fear and pain) and asked him if he would just take it out now which is what happened.

Well he pulled and yanked for what seemed like ages and I felt like my jaw was going to dislocate as I had to force myself back into the chair against him and eventually I heard a crack! Turns out I had a hook root on one side and he had to break it I suppose to make it come out. I asked him if he managed to get it all out and he said yes and showed me both pieces and asked if I'd like to keep it . (This is one reason why I had such a phobia as my father told me he had these roots on his tooth.)

I've still been in quite a lot of pain enough to stay on the solpadol until today as my jaw took a bit of a bashing I suppose but I've gradually reduced the dose as I don't like taking strong tablets, especially these as I've heard they can become addictive, plus they didn't agree with my stomach. Also I'm still on the antibiotics until next thursday (2 week course).

Anyway, something that may make you laugh after all that, my daughter was with me and she laughed when I came out of the treatment room because she said that the whole side of my face was drooping a lot including my eye LoL. She was telling the truth because when I had to sign my name in there I couldn't see out of my left eye.  I was so frightened you see that he had to give me about 6 injections to numb my gum because I was so hyped up I could still feel it. LoL  ooooooohhhh never again.

Anyone got any phobias they'd like to share?


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

More Crafting, iphone covers and crochet blanket

I made these iphone covers a few days ago, I think they are cute. My daughter's friends asked me to make some.I think the daisy one is my favourite.

I found through a friend, a chap who is hopefully going to sort out my car to get it through its MOT tomorrow. Fingers crossed he can.

Thank you Mum for popping over and leaving a comment. I've been reading your blog too. I love the cat photos by the way.  I have also finished another crochet square blanket, this time in blue and cream and will post the photo as soon as I take it

I welcome any readers to leave a comment if they wish. Its nice to hear from fellow Frugalers and Crafters.. 

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Mot Blues and Pasta Bake

Yesterday i took my car in for its Mot and it failed on several points.Its going to be expensive. It needs a new tyre on the front nearside, a fog lamp bulb, 2 new wiper blades ( my cars always need these replacing, I dont know why),  and 2 new constant velocity joint gaiters! It also failed its emissions test and the examiner told me it might be ok with a good run up the motorway and some engine cleaner stuff. So no car for about a week I guess until this is all done and my purse is a lot lighter. I dont know how I will manage for a whole week but I will have to. At least I was able to get on with some crochet while I waited an hour for the chap to test the car.
The photo is what we had for dinner yesterday. Pasta Bake made by boiling a 500g bag of Sainsburys Basic pasta (price just 18 pence a packet, I like that :)  ). Simmer for about 6 mins, drain,  then place in an oven proof dish with a tin of sweetcorn, and stir in 2 packets of cheeese sauce (4 packets for £1 from Asda) and grated cheese sprinkled over the top. I cook this in the oven gas mark 5 for about 30 mins.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Lap blanket photo

Here as promised is a photo of the crochet blanket that I have been working on.Should help keep me warm as it is 40% pure wool. I have just got to sew all the ends in (which I hate doing lol) then I will probably work a row of double crochet all around the edge to finish it off. I will post a photo of it when I've done.

In my slow cooker.

Ive recently bought a slow cooker and am amazed how handy it is to use. I can just throw everything into to it, turn it on and leave it to cook, its brilliant.
I  made a vegetable stew and dumplings yesterday and got 8 good portions out of it so was able to freeze 4 portions for another day.
I have a book called 'the ultimate slow cooker cookbook' by cara hobday and was leafing through it this morning and found out you can make jams and marmalade in it so I will be trying that in the next day or two and will post recipe and photos if it turns out ok
Bye for now. 

Sunday, 16 October 2011

First Blog Hi There!

Hi everyone.
This is my first blog. 
I intend to share my regular efforts of Saving Money, Crafting, Recipes etc.
Hope you enjoy reading.

I have been planning on keeping warmer this winter by making Lap Blankets  (Will post Pics later) to keep all the family warm while saving a bit of money keeping the heating down a bit as it is So expensive.
Wish I had a log burner so we could get our own free fuel from the local woods.